International Research Conference – in 2019 by ARICON | Multidisciplinary Studies Conference

‘Being a researcher to keep yourself abreast with the latest knowledge and to open mind to the upcoming innovations in varied areas, attending multidisciplinary conferences is the finest strategy’

Intellectual Gain

1) Multidisciplinary studies move beyond simple collaboration and teaming to integrate data, methodologies, perspectives, and concepts from multiple disciplines in order to advance fundamental understanding or to solve real world problems

2) Multidisciplinary research conferences require either that an individual researcher gains a depth of understanding two or more than one discipline and be fluent in their languages and methodologies, or more frequently that multidisciplinary teams assemble and create a common language and framework for discovery and innovation.

3) Multidisciplinary studies in internal conferences has a lot to offer to early-career scientists in terms of opportunities and excitement.

A Unique Perspective on International Research Conferences

As a scientist I often find myself working at the interface between science and other fields. In practice, this means that I attend international conferences that use research as a modifier: research in Management, Social sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Technology etc. In a nutshell, we can claim that research is a common phenomenon in multidisciplinary studies. Hence, these multidisciplinary conferences are rich grounds for building competencies and collaborations in and out of the laboratory, and students are especially well placed to benefit.

Presenting your paper to peers at a specialized conference might be important, but will it be impactful? It can be deflating to talk at a room of people too absorbed in their own work to pay close attention, or who are so closely matched in skills and interests to your own that there is no space left open for ideas or collaborations to grow. This perspective carves way to experience multidisciplinary conferences to explore new horizon. We, in ARICON, do not deny the significance of specialized research conferences but international research conferences in multidisciplinary studies just providing another standpoint which also interest keen learners.

ARICON research society and ARICON international research conference agency, conduct quality international research conferences at varied destinations. In terms of specialized areas, we arrange conferences in Management, Technology, Social Sciences, Pure Sciences etc. but at the same time the reappearance of multidisciplinary conferences is also our forte and the reason is our research fraternity’s demand. Having post-conference surveys, we always find researchers more impressed with these multidisciplinary knowledge sharing platforms. These platforms also provide opportunity to interdisciplinary topics to be presented and assist scientists to explore a whole new world of meanings.

Applied Research International Conferences (ARICON) has picked certain world re-known venues to conduct these research conferences as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, King’s College London, Harvard University, Baku state University etc. Simultaneously, we have chosen the destination to conduct these research conferences with the most beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions as London, Oxford, Cambridge, Istanbul, Baku, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Maldieves, Phuket etc.

ARICON believes in John Keat’s verse: ‘A thing of Beauty is a joy forever’ where research fraternity shares and accumulates knowledge in multidisciplinary studies and specialized fields as well, while enjoy the nature as a mind stimulant.

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