New Paywitty payment system allows business owners to sell their product directly from Instagram

Paywitty is a revolutionary new payment system that enables the business accounts on Instagram to sell directly from their profile. With this innovative payment system, the customers will be able to buy a product they like on Instagram by simply commenting below the post, and clicking on the “fast checkout” link in bio.

There are over 400 million active users on Instagram that creates immense opportunity for the businesses to find their potential customers. Most often, the business accounts on Instagram lose interested customers because of no direct payment options available. Paywitty is here to fill this gap between the customers and the businesses with a convenient payment option. The customers can connect their Instagram account and save their shipping address. Whenever they comment #buy on stores’ on a picture post, Paywitty pre-orders them automatically. After which, they can easily check out by clicking the link in bio.

The merchants will be able to use the Paywitty administrative dashboard to track and manage their inventory and shipping and track the user comments for further conversions. They can also add products to their storefront by just adding #sell and its price to an Instagram post. Anyone who’s struggling to get conversions from their Instagram account due to complex checkout process can use the Paywitty payment system for providing the customers with a fast checkout option.

Paywitty helps in increasing the user’s engagement when they’re scrolling through the product post, with an option to purchase right then and there. To use Paywitty, the user can simply Sign in to Paywitty with their Instagram business account and list a product by adding “@yourstorehandle #sell #productname #xx.xx USD” to caption or comment section. They can advise their followers to simply comment ‘@yourstorehandle #buy” to buy the product and then click on fast checkout option in the bio. The customers can securely checkout to make the purchase and the seller will receive the amount instantly in their Stripe account.

More information about Paywitty can be found on their official website

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