Judy WY Wong Interviews Jessica Simpson in LA

Judy WY Wong, a Corporate Governance Expert, Career Coach, Real Estate Investor, Wellness Advocate and Entrepreneur discusses business with Fashion Billionaire, Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson was invited as a celebrity guest at Mega Success, a prestigious business and wealth event, created by JT Foxx, the world’s #1 wealth and business coach. It all went down in Los Angeles, USA.

Judy WY Wong is a Master’s Degree Graduate with focuses in Criminology and Asia Political Science, and has over 15 years of applied Compliance advisory experience. She provides valuable and constructive advice to leaders and corporations who are focused on redefining their environments for ethical development and growth.

When having a conversation with Jessica Simpson, Judy’s highlight moment was when she asked Jessica for her views about coaching, and Jessica replied that it is very important because it makes us accountable.

“As a career coach and corporate governance advisor, I couldn’t agree more with Jessica Simpson,” says Judy.

Jessica also joked that she might strike a deal with Weight Watchers after her baby was born to ensure she gets back into shape.

“As a person who was born and raised to an immigrant family in Canada, I learned to pick up languages very easily,” says Judy

Judy WY Wong, has lived in two continents and worked in four continents and done business in three continents, North America, Asia, Europe & Australia. She has clarity on the differences in cultures when doing business.

“My objective is to look after the governance of a firm. Coming from the Investment Banking Industry, attention to detail must be impeccable. Governance is not only for the executives but also for staff, because the staff are the ones the need the skills upgrade. And we do that through Career Elevators,” says Judy.

Ms. Wong is set to soon launch a series of programs intended for people who want to move their careers to the next level.

At Mega Success were other A-list celebrities and leading business figures such as, Dr. Phil, Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder, Mel Gibson, Singer Jewel, Michael Douglas, Hugh Hilton, JT Foxx, Jason Alexander, Brooke Shields, George Ross to name a few.

As well as, over 2500 of some of the world’s most successful people spanning from over 47 countries from about the world, with Judy WY Wong as one of the guests of honor.

In today’s world where ethics and governance is gaining increased attention by the government and society; as corporates and business owners, you have to have a good gate keeper, who maintains a solid people, systems, policies and process that protect the interest of your business.

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