Florida Re/Max Associate Patrick DeFeo
Sarasota Re/Max associate Patrick DeFeo guarantees his clients that he will sell their home in 30 days or he will pay them in cash!

By Zoey Thompson

Sarasota, FL – Guarantees are not usually a part of luxury item or real estate transactions but one Florida Re/Max associate begs to differ. Patrick DeFeo is so certain about his ability to generate home sales that he has offered a cash guarantee. His track record of home sales and closings is so consistent that he feels confident enough to make this public offer. His multi-pronged marketing approach enables him to engage potential buyers through a variety of online and offline mediums, something he believes makes all the difference.

“A good fisherman understands where the fish are and goes to them instead of waiting at the shoreline and hoping he gets a nibble,” DeFeo tells us. “My job is to seek out homebuyers and not wait for them to come to me. I’ve been extremely successful because of this proactive approach.”

A quick trip around the testimonials section of his website and it becomes clear DeFeo not only has a reputation for success but also for fair dealing. Honesty and communication are two bedrock principles that he stakes his reputation upon. “If I say I’m going to do something,” he explains, “I will do it. My clients trust me to get results and if I don’t I’m going to keep my promise to pay them a daily cash reward.”

His website is kept up to date with the very latest information on homes in the area. Buyers can search through the homes on his website with confidence that they are all for sale and for the price listed and sellers can access him directly through the website. DeFeo believes in the power of an online presence and utilizing all of the various communication tools in order to provide people with the very latest and minute-to-minute market changes. His website also offers free reports, payment calculators, and his own personal blog about his life as a real estate broker in Florida. According to DeFeo this allows potential sellers and buyers to have the right type of information in front of them to not only make decisions about a property but the type of person they want in an agent.

“I’m an open book,” he says. “I’ll share with you my thoughts on the real estate market and even what I’m reading or doing with my life. I want people to feel comfortable working with me and that means knowing a little bit about me.”

DeFeo is a Re/Max Hall of Fame Member and one of the Top 1% of Real Estate Agents in the country. He is a well-known luxury home specialist and holds a 5-Star rating on both Zillow and Google.

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