PORTLAND, Ore. – It’s a brave new world for wedding celebrations this year. Suddenly, past expectations and staid traditions seem tiresome. Love alone rules the day when it comes to partnerships. While lives may be intertwined, few things are more sacred than what each individual brings in equal share to a union. 

For William Henry, the height of the coming 2019 wedding season is giving rise to anti-trends that are more personal, one-of-a-kind and independent of past traditions. 

“Many couples are realizing that they don’t want to follow someone else’s rules; they are celebrating their commitment in ways that best reflect their own stories and sense of self,” said Matt Conable, lead creative director for William Henry. “For both men and women, untying the knot of wedding traditions can be more meaningful as well as uniquely liberating, a reflection of today’s spirit of individualism and equality.”

For 2019, William Henry is showcasing how wedding and anniversary gift giving and tokens of love are evolving with the brand’s latest designs:

Engagement gifts

Out: Gender specific gifts, designed for “his and hers”

In: Which is his, which is hers and which is theirs… and why have to choose? William Henry celebrates the coming together of the two sides of any power couple with gifts that make a bold statement yet are equally unique and personal, reflecting both a spirit of personal taste and empowerment. William Henry’s Cabernet pen line ($850-$1,800) features stunning writing instruments made from rare and unique organic material, such as salvaged ancient coral, dinosaur bone, mammoth tooth and exotic woods, individualistic choices perfect for couples destined for a well-equipped future.

Men’s wedding bands

Out: Plain gold or platinum bands; tattoo rings

In: Today’s bands of commitment are breaking boundaries with statement pieces that are closer to the heart. Couples are banishing redundant ring bands for bolder choices, such as William Henry “Dreamer” pendant ($1,895). This stunning piece worn around the neck is simple and subtle enough for every day, while serving as an everlasting reminder of shared dreams and intertwined futures. Crafted from 18K gold banded around a center green jade set on a finely stitched leather cord and strong toggle clasp, “Dreamer” is a lasting testimony to commitment and dedication yet is uniquely individualistic to represent a shared life that’s bold, never boring. 

Groom’s gifts

Out: Engraved flasks or barware

In: Handcrafted luxury keepsakes that convey individualism and utility, such as William Henry’s Stars & Stripes pocketknife ($1,950), a striking hand-carved Sterling silver piece, inlaid with zinc-matrix Kingman turquoise, and featuring William Henry’s signature wave Damascus blade. Impressive yet useful, this stunningly simple knife with masterful attention to detail is destined to become a treasured family heirloom and a symbol of true-blue love and friendship.

Anniversary gifts

Out: Impersonal gifts that symbolize the march of years through the use of traditional materials.

In: When celebrating a life intertwined, anniversaries should never forgo unique individual histories and stories that each side brings to the equation. William Henry’s new Satin line of jewelry offers simple and stunning designs that offer the opportunity to coordinate without overtly matching. That includes William Henry Satin bracelets such as Meteorite Identity and Meteor Retro ($1,450-$2,250).  United in design through their use of sterling silver links and meteorite, an otherworldly material tracing back billions of years, they are stylistically unique enough to appeal to either partner and a personal statement meant to be worn daily.

About William Henry

William Henry is an American luxury brand for men, devoted to the vision of designing and crafting collections that integrate form and function into exquisite and unique pieces, including jewelry, award-winning pocketknives, writing instruments and money clips. The hallmark of the company’s work is the seamless integration of classic natural materials, precious metals and gemstones, and state-of-the-art alloys to create superb designs that have made William Henry one of the most admired and sought-after brands in the world of luxury for men.

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