WIMI AR Hologram Arranges for Hundreds of International Holographic Models to Give Free AI Catwalk Shows in Shopping Mall

When it comes to a fashion show, what is the audience most looking forward to? Girls with long legs, slender body, sexy figure and fluttering hair may be the answer. Especially, the annual Victoria’s Secret Show indeed not only feasts the eyes of audience but also brings more surprise. Recently, holographic advertising system of WIMI AR Hologram has arranged for hundreds of international holographic models to give global catwalk shows in shopping mall. The legendary inaccessible Victoria’s Secret Show is entering ordinary life relying on holographic technology.

The most attracting part of the advertisement lies in the use of holographic projection technology. The combination of holographic scenes with performance of real persons is adopted in the show, and stereoscopic images are directly projected onto the stage so that the viewers can experience the stunning visual effects without wearing 3D glasses. On the stage, the flying petals seem to be within easy reach, and coupled with the cool stage music & arts, the holographic models’ performance is integrated with the stereo image, giving audience gorgeous and lifelike visual experience.

In a nutshell, the principle of holographic projection is that the optical principles are used to display three-dimensional images in the air. Spatial holographic projection screen is a new generation of display equipment, with unparalleled advantages of high definition, strong light resistance, ultra-low thickness, and ageing resistance. It is made up of nano-optical components at the molecular level: holography color filter crystal as the core material, coupled with results of nanotechnology, materials science, optics, and polymer technology and the related preparation processing technologies, and further organic materials, inorganic nano-powder and fine metal powder as raw materials. Despite the lightweight body, the screen has advanced precision optical structures for the purpose of high-definition and high-brightness perfect imaging.

At present, the projector acts as the most commonly used light source for holographic projection. For one thing, the brightness of such a light source is relatively stable. For another, the projector also has the function of magnifying the image, and such a function is very practical in holographic projection exhibitions. Holographic projection technology brings picturesque scenes to the audience and leads the audience to another world. Such a technology breaks through the limitations of traditional sound, light and electricity, and the spatial imaging can support bright-color, high-contrast, high-definition, highly spatial and highly perspective projection. It not only produces stereoscopic aerial images, but also enables images to interact with performers. The interaction will bring about stunning performances.

Holographic projection technology is an advanced technology popular in recent years. Holographic stereo projection is realized based on the principle of polarization of light. Specifically, set the mutually perpendicular polarization directions of polarizers in front of the two projectors so that polarization directions of two polarized lights generated are also perpendicular to each other. When the polarized light is projected onto the dedicated projection screen and then reflected to the viewer position, the direction of the polarized light must not change. Each eye of viewer can only see the corresponding polarization image through the polarized glasses, thereby generating a stereoscopic perception in the visual nervous system. This new interactive display technology combines decoration and practicality, and the complete transparency in case of no image gives users a new interactive experience. Therefore, such a technology becomes one of the most fashionable method of product display and marketing. Today, people tend to use holographic projection technology to present the fusion of culture and technology.

Traditional entertainment is currently facing the problems including convergence of models, high degree of homogenization, and urgent need for new technical means and for introduction of new gameplay. New technologies are bound to enhance the possibility of player interaction in the game. In recent years, with the increasing maturity of AI technologies such as gesture recognition, face recognition, and speech recognition, the environmental perception of hardware has been continuously enhanced and more interesting gameplay is gradually becoming realized. WIMI3DAR holographic entertainment integrates multiple audiovisual technologies to solve practical problems in the industry.

Since the launch of WIMI AR Hologram online advertising, it has been upgraded at the same time of technology output. WIMI AR Hologram Internet advertising is involved with more and more businesses, including health care, auto, finance, real estate, catering, games, home, and fast-moving consumer goods.

Besides, WIMI AR Hologram offline theater system is mainly applied to concerts, song and dance performances, crosstalk and short play, children’s theaters and other places where there are live performances of real persons. The business is facing opportunities of upgrading. Under the background of scarce resources of top national artists, WIMI AR Hologram theater system can break through the limitations on time and regions to meet the spiritual needs of the public for entertainment culture. At the same time, the holographic restoration of concerts or performances can achieve a single data collection for permanent use, give full play to the copyright value of cultural entertainment programs, and promote revolutionary changes in cultural communication means.

Digital technology seems to be increasingly strengthening the hegemony of Hollywood in entertainment image production and sales in the world, and further expanding the distance and gap between Hollywood and other image producers through digital technological leadership based on its existing advantages. On account of digital technological barriers, the gap between Hollywood and its rivals seems to be becoming more and more irresistible. Before Hollywood uses its digital technological leadership, Hollywood’s rivals plan to adopt the winning ideas and strategies of making artistic presentation and description of local history and reality so that cultural awareness of consumers can be aroused by the logic of “truth” and resist the entertainment consumerism of Hollywood. Avatar 2 is about to be born, and glass-free holography will once again surprise the public. In China, only the holographic light field theater can give birth to this effect, and WIMI AR Hologram will surely take advantage of the enthusiasm inspired by Avatar 2 and make the holographic technology even more amazing.

In fact, holographic technology has been applied on a large scale in the world. China has a high degree of urbanization, so there is a huge potential of holographic IP concerts. If each ticket costs hundreds of yuan, and each concert is held for thousands of people in 31 provincial capitals all year around for hundreds or thousands of years, there will be extravagant profits compared to the development cost of holographic IP. As a professional holographic content production and research & development company, WIMI AR Hologram stays its focus mainly on the holographic development of intellectual property (IP) in the entertainment industry, including future virtual holographic concerts (holographic IP) of deceased singers such as Teresa Teng, Leslie Cheung, Danny Chan, Tom Chang, Anita Mui and Wong Ka Kui. WIMI AR Hologram’s development of a modular holographic stage has become a trend in this field.

The human imagination knows no bounds, especially in such technologies. Holograms can be used not only for entertainment, art, and education, but also for media science, technology design, and augmented reality. Anyhow, in the near future, holographic AI technology will change the ecology of the concert, theater, and advertising together. More technology-oriented commercial performance era is coming soon.

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