Florida’s Artisan Distillery Launches International Cannabis Vodka and Gin Range – and it doesn’t taste like ‘Bongwater’

Florida’s Artisan Distillery Launches International Cannabis Vodka and Gin Range - and it doesn’t taste like ‘Bongwater’

Tampa, FL – Florida’s Artisan Distillery is proud to announce the launch of its International Cannabis Vodka and Gin Range. Exceptionally rich and smooth tasting, this new line of cannabis beverages is far removed from the ‘Bongwater’ taste previously associated with such products.

Dr. Ram Ramcharran, CEO of Fat Dog Spirits, counters a recent Wall Street Journal article which said that cannabis beverages don’t mix well with water and that the resulting spirits taste bad.

“This is simply not true with our product,” says Ramcharran. “I challenge anyone to try it and tell me that it tastes like oil or a ‘barnyard,’ as the WSJ article states!”

Ramcharran concedes, however, that the WSJ article is generally correct in its assertions. Many companies have tried, but failed in their attempts to achieve a good tasting product.

“Our reviews and patrons say something completely different,” he adds. “No-one out there has anything as great tasting as Nirvana! This means we have a huge opportunity in the global spirits market. In fact, we are already talking to beverage companies who want what Fat Dog Spirits is producing and are working on multiple global distribution opportunities, because we have something truly special.”

The company’s cannabis-infused specialty brand is called Nirvana, and it would appear that anyone who loves vodka or gin will be pleasantly surprised by what their scientists have created. All products are traceable from field to bottle and only the finest organic and non-GMO ingredients are used, including the finest Hemp.

According to Ramcharran, this process results in a naturally rich, crisp and clean vodka and gin which allows for a great taste experience.

Southern Wines, one of the distributors who stock the new range of vodka and gin, have seen a marked increase in orders as consumers get to know and love the products. 

“It’s quite remarkable to see people’s reactions once they taste the product, especially when they were expecting to taste something other than vodka or gin!

I was recently in London and met some of the world’s leading mixologists who were amazed with what we created. I am sure if a globally-respected mixologist who judges competitions all over the world says what we have created is great, and it doesn’t taste like oil, I believe we are on to something here.”

There are many brands in the marketplace which taste very similar to that described in the Wall Street Journal article, but that doesn’t mean that Nirvana has followed suit.

Fat Dog Spirits is renowned for its exceptional blends. Of note, the Touch Artisan Vodka brand’s flavors have won several respected awards, and the company fully intends to continue to live up to that reputation.

Nirvana Vodka and Gin can be found in many fine stores and establishments. For more information, visit the website at www.nirvanaspirits.com or follow on Facebook.

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