A3D.IO Shapes a New Digital Finance World and Leads the Contract Transaction of Digital Assets

Digital currency is very attractive to investors who are business elites and ordinary people. Exchange is necessary for investors whether to close deals or to invest in digital currencies. Digital currency exchanges play an important role in the entire market.

Hundreds of exchanges have already been established, including GDAX, OKXE and Binance. Investors have struggled to register on foreign exchanges for the cumbersome transaction procedures, high fees and unstable networks. Most investors need a secure and convenient exchange. A3D.IO stands out for its professional services and security operation, which is ideal for users.

Insiders said, compared with other exchanges, A3D’s core team brings together the earliest practitioners and investors in the digital currency industry from world-renowned Internet and financial enterprises, who have rich experience in R&D and global operation of digital currency.

A3DIO has thorough system structure, top integrated BGP multi-path computer room in Europe and America, and optimal CDN acceleration node in the world, ensuring the security. The system uses bank-level encryption for user data and authentication. Multilevel risk identification control ensures the security of transactions and user assets.

Transaction began at 14:00 Hong Kong time on Dec. 28, 2018. 53,470 people have registered by now, and the order matching system running at microsecond level creates a fast and smooth user experience, as is shown by data.

A3DIO supports various transactions and full-business functions, covering iOS, Android, Mac and other platform terminals. It also provides the most spoken languages for customers from different counties.

As the digital currency keeps developing, the functions of exchanges will become increasingly prominent, as well as its development. Most transactions, like A3DIO, will serve customers more professionally and comprehensively.

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