Maya Preferred 223 Releases Proof of Gold and Silver Backing

Maya Preferred 223 has been listed on the FatBTC Exchange this week and is currently trading at over $2,000 per token. Maya Preferred 223 has $18,500 worth of gold and silver backing each token. The company is in talks with five additional mines, which will increase the backing of each token if an agreement is executed.

“People are probably thinking why is the price of Maya Preferred 223 so high?  Could this price be a mistake? No, it’s not a mistake that the token is priced this high because of the $18,500 worth of gold and silver that is behind each token,” stated a spokesperson form the company. The added proof of the gold and silver backing of the token is now on the website, the actual notarized agreement between all seven mines and Maya Preferred 223.

The company realizes the trading so far on FatBTC has been very light and the token has moved up from $1,500, which was its starting price and on little buying has climbed to its current price of over $1,800 per coin. This swift price movement is due to the small amount of coins being released by the company, which is currently only one million tokens.  The company believes that the price is still undervalued in comparison to the gold and silver backing. The company also believes once institutional buying starts to comes in the price of Maya preferred 223 will swiftly move upward.

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About FatBTC

FatBTC is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Seychelles. It currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $103,126.69 from 56 coins and 102 trading pairs. FatBTC was established in 2014 and is currently on CoinMarketCap’s top 100 cryptocurrency exchanges based on trading volume. FatBTC has a top 20 cryptocurrency exchange ranking on and is steadily moving up the list, trading anywhere between $400,000,000 – $500,000,000 daily. FatBTC also has a state of the art Trading App which allows traders to receive the best price executions on the tokens they wish to purchase.

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Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is U. K. Financial Ltd.’s state-of-the-art ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, and is positioned to become the first cryptocurrency to be successfully used as a monetary instrument for individuals to transfer money worldwide. Not only will Maya Preferred change the way people transfer money worldwide, but it will also become the first cryptocurrency to be accepted by many leading retail stores. Because Maya Preferred is an ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, it will be able to execute all of these money transfers and payments for a fraction of the fees charged by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Western Union.

Maya Preferred will also be backed with precious metal assets of gold and silver mine reserves in Mexico, making it the new “gold and silver standard” and instantly providing the stabilization investors have been waiting for in the volatile realm of cryptocurrency. The tokens business plan involves adding more mining assets for backing and thus adding value to itself over time, increasing both stability and the ability to have real tangible assets backing its currency for investors.

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