West Australians Fail to Recognize the Importance of a Will

West Australians Fail to Recognize the Importance of a Will

Willcraft Estate Planning

March 26, 2019 – Perth wills and estate company Willcraft have launched a new website which aims to raise awareness of the importance of making a will. This is after a recent survey found that half of West Australians over 40 do not have a valid will. This concerning statistic means many people are leaving loved ones the unenviable task of trying to determine estate ownership should they pass away.

Willcraft claims there are many misconceptions about what actually happens when someone passes away in terms of their estate. For example, many people wrongly believe that their spouse will automatically get everything when they die, and therefore don’t need to have a legal will in place. This may not be the case and it is important that adequate preparation is made.

For many West Australians, making a legal will seems like an unnecessary inconvenience which they can put off until later. To remedy this, Willcraft now provides West Australians with three easy and convenient will packages. For a relatively small amount of money, people can have a legal will in place that has been personally reviewed by a will and estate lawyer at Willcraft.

The offer presents people with an opportunity to ensure that their family and loved ones will know what to do should they pass away. Not only does this provide people with peace of mind, but it also minimizes the risk of costly legal disputes amongst family members and loved ones.

These Will Packages provide a range of features including the appointment of executors and guardians, distribution of personal possessions, gifts, cash gifts, and residue. Three levels of Will Packages means there is a suitable legal will solution for almost any situation, no matter how complex.

To find out more about the full features of the Will Packages, or to speak to a Perth Wills Specialist at Willcraft, visit their website willcraft.com.au

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