March 26, 2019 – Go Smart has proudly announced that it is launching powerful tools for the independent community grocer.  A suite of tools are in the process of being launched by the company that will help the independent  grocer to surpass big national brands in per store sales. Moreover, the focus of Go Smart is primarily centered on fresh, quality local goods and where possible, organically grown items.  Of particular note is their cutting edge technology in “indoor geolocating,“ which is forecast to grow 8 fold to a 42 Billion dollar industry by 2024.

“Here at Go Smart, we are taking pride in assisting our local communities by pairing up agencies that solve issues like homelessness, hunger, violence, and missing children,” said the spokesperson of Go Smart, while introducing the upcoming tools. “Using the power of the net, surplus food and vacant rooms have a better purpose solving these issues while relieving the participating merchant of liability, gaining positive media exposure and even taking advantage of deep tax discounts,” he added.

According to the spokesperson, the company is also seeking VC funding and that it is a Delaware registered C Corporation, and Go Smart promises to bridge societal disconnect, rampant homelessness, escalating violence and confusion. In addition, another aim of Go Smart! is partnering with independent grocers, who struggle to protect their ground, while gaining more market share. These technologically advanced tools will help these independent grocers to  take on the likes of Kroger, Amazon and Walmart. It is said that the way to a persons heart and mind is through their stomach, and Go Smart! Promises to bridge that gap while bringing multiple facets of the community together in a way that is practical, reasonable and socially responsible.

Go Smart! plans to offer cooking classes and coaching, by demonstrating to store shoppers useful knowledge ranging from planning a menu to best use of the Go Smart! app. The app automatically calculates items and quantities based on recipes selected on site. Moreover, Go Smart! also promises to offer an interactive social media platform on its site and app in order to connect the like minded individuals as well as stores, who can collectively gain and learn many things from each other while also socializing.

At these classes, Store as well as Go Smart! employees will present fun classes that are put on by very entertaining chefs!   Foods needed are also automatically calculated by the Go Smart! app  based on how many people and for what duration the menu is planned: days, weeks, months. 

Go Smart! Will be a welcome relief, a brief respite in this chaotic world and a calm place in the river to actually enrich and improve their lives while at the same time learning very valuable and daily beneficial tasks, that everyone must do and that is EAT.

“Our aim is to create an environment where food manufactures can quickly connect with consumers and we want to bridge the gaps in this billion-dollar industry by technological means,” said the spokesperson of Go Smart, while sharing the company’s vision. “We will also create means of setting up automatic ordering with participating grocers and the items brought to the front of the building for quick and easy pick up by the customer,” he added. According to the spokesperson, this feature is particularly important for busy families; where several times a week, dinner is grabbed on the fly.

Merchants can also utilize the “Mystery Shopper” in the app that promises to identify areas that can be improved.  Merchants can then schedule classes to demonstrate areas for improvement.  Consumers will love it also, as they can actively participate and in so doing, will earn deep discounts at participating merchants.

Participating retailers, will also offer delivery service  for a small fee. In addition, Go Smart will also help its users find the perfect hotel or restaurant for whatever the occasion is and will help them save time and money. Furthermore, the technologically superior platform will also offer coupons, surveys, discounts, packages and many other exciting offers for consumers and retailers.

The affordability and quality of the products on the site, as well as the comprehensiveness of the site, make it a one-stop shop for all consumers’ needs. The user-friendliness of the site that allows shoppers to easily navigate and find their needed items quickly in their favorite store is another fantastic feature of the website.

More information about gosmartshopper.com will be available end of April, 2019 when they launch their new site.

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