Agenty launches impressive machine intelligence software products on the cloud

“Innovative analytics agency, Agenty, has released three products- one redesigned web scraping software, while the other two are OCR and Text Extractors respectively; performing as cloud-based agents, and could be easily integrated as APIs.”

Agenty would like to announce of its very real launch of several cloud-based agents, which will intrinsically help in making the realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning truly come forward in terms of benefiting several companies across different industrial sectors.

The company has remodeled and relaunched its web scraping software service in essence, and it can now be integrated as API to perform essential scraping information from websites better than ever before. It utilizes AI based point-and-click extension, as well as analyzes through several browsing engines to completely keep track by fingerprinting across all the websites available. The scraping agent has been trained to analyze, and properly collect data from thousands of different kinds of websites altogether. The latest and innovative online OCR can extract data from multiple formats of data found upon any software platform. The OCR software by Agenty not only performs the optical recognition and scanning operations but also implements a multiple-engine search for auto-entry to properly showcase information, which could be stored in tables and fields.

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Agenty does not stop there, however, presenting its ultimate version of Text Extraction Software. With their primary function being the extraction of text and metadata from any document, this software service has been stringently trained to identify and recognize millions of differing documents used in the industry, including forensics research, invoices, orders etc. It can be regarded that such high performing data scraping tools required a lot of hard work, and creativity to be applied to all those who were part of this entire project at Agenty.

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Agenty Analytics Pvt. Ltd. is essentially a form that operates as a SaaS platform by utilizing cloud-based applications to further and better apply the overlying technology of machine intelligence. Their effective services are mainly for professionals and businesses to make sense of large quantities of data to find patterns and similarities so that they could better utilize them in order to serve their business processes better. Their business offerings mainly constitute the creation of effective tools that can help greatly to this very end- helping out the most extant needs of various industries through easy-to-use and effective advanced technologies.

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