Brad Rand – Know All About The Mind Behind The Success Of Multiple Startups

Brad Rand - Know All About The Mind Behind The Success Of Multiple Startups
Brad delivered sustainable market share growth for start-up, stagnant, and established businesses.Under his leadership, multiple companies have developed business operations strategies and market-driven sales programs that empower them to grow sustainably, expand client base, and build a reputation for innovation.

Brad Rand has helped many startups in Manufacturing, Medical Device, Aerospace, & Capital Equipment domain.Known for ninja sales style and magnificent approach towards client relations, Brad has been a known name in the industry for over 20 years.

Brad Rand Solutions website was launched on 21st March 2019. Below is the glimpse of his interview by our media journalists.

Q: Brad, What’s your USP?

A: “Over the course of my career, I have founded, joined, and rapidly scaled up disruptive start-up companies to become dominant industry leaders or position for acquisition. This experience gives me unique entrepreneurial intuition, strong operational leadership skills, and the ability to take on and turn around organizations in crisis.”

Q: Brad, Being an award-winning sales coach whats your approach on sales front?
A: I build, train, and improve sales organizations, often incorporating new methods to help sales professionals become more effective versions of themselves. By cultivating trust and incorporating elements of both vertical and horizontal management, I turn struggling sales teams into top revenue producers.
Q: Brad, what makes you different?
A: A lot of people say they think “outside the box,” but few can prove that their method produces results. I challenge traditional ways of doing business by introducing better solutions to problems that business leaders didn’t know they had.

Brad Rand Can be contacted on or his website

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