Visual AI Holographic Advertising of WIMI AR Hologram Is on the Rise When 2B AI Vision of Megvii and SenseTime Stands Out

After going through the ups and downs, artificial intelligence has recently become the focus of the public again. As indicated by individual financing amount of Megvii and SenseTime, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, computing vision has become a hot investment sector. According to latest estimation of market research firm Technavio, by the year of 2021, the global face recognition market size is expected to reach US$6.5 billion, much higher than the US$2.3 billion in 2016.

WIMI AR Hologram, Megvii and SenseTime are the representative companies in the field of visual recognition, all of which emerged from the boom of artificial intelligence. Their battle over face-scanning unlocking of mobile phone has begun. Besides, more market competition is also occurring among YITU, Cloudwalk and giant Baidu, all of which are engaged in artificial intelligence industry.

Artificial intelligence technology has been a hot entrepreneurship field from 2015 to the second half of last year, but the commercialization of the last link has remained unsolved. After the face recognition was combined with mobile phone which was the national third largest industry, the original ceiling on related business was suddenly lifted. Certainly, the startups have no intention of giving up this opportunity. The same competition has continued to take place in the fields of security, Internet finance and virtual communities, and WIMI AR Hologram, Megvii, SenseTime and other companies have arranged their layout in those fields. In the year of 2019, these companies are destined to become more busy with respective commercialization of visual recognition.

Respective Advantages in Commercialization

SenseTime is a technology company specializing in computer vision and deep learning technology. It has achieved its technical breakthroughs and layouts in the fields of face recognition, image recognition, video analysis, and unmanned driving. Furthermore, its business covers security, finance, smart phones, robotics and the automotive industry. According to the official data disclosed by SenseTime, it is currently serving more than 400 customers, including China Mobile, UnionPay, Huawei, Xiaomi and Microblog.

Megvii is one of the first batch of artificial intelligence companies that use deep learning technology to implement commercial application of face recognition products. It has the world’s largest open face recognition platform “Face++” and the third-party face-scanning authentication platform “Face ID”. Besides, Megvii has launched a number of groundbreaking AI products including face-scanning payment, face-scanning unlocking, and full frame smart camera in various vertical areas.

WIMI AR Hologram acts as a developer, service provider and operator of holographic AI cloud mobile software, and has become one of the largest integrated platform of holographic AI field in the country. WIMI AR Hologram has been well developed in terms of technology. It is qualified with more than 4,325 holographic content IP reserves and owns 295 AR-related patents and 76 software works. Its commercial application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five major fields of home entertainment, light field cinema, performance system, commercial launch system and advertising display system.

Ecological components of WIMI AR Hologram are divided into two categories: online part and offline part, with the business form including regular platform-based business and non-standard project-based business. WIMI AR Hologram’s business revenue consists of three major items: holographic AR advertising, holographic AR entertainment and holographic AR technological services.

First, the advertising business is divided into two parts including online and offline AR holographic advertisements. The online business is mainly mobile AR holographic advertisement display and light entertainment advertisement application, while the offline advertising is divided into two types: WIMI AR Hologram advertising display sites sales and non-standard project-based advertisements display.

Second, the entertainment business is divided into online and offline AR holographic interactive entertainment. The online entertainment business contains mainly the insertion of AR holographic effect of film and television, insertion of AR holographic effect of live show and short video, and development and operation of AR holographic games. Offline entertainment business provides the company’s own holographic digital IP copyright distribution and authorization services, holographic cinema services and holographic performance services. And finally, technical services involve providing technical services for advertising and entertainment platforms, as well as providing technical support for holographic AR demanded by WIMI AR Hologram in the social, educational, medical, military, home, industrial, tourism, e-commerce and other industries.

In the fields of short video on mobile Internet, games, applications, photography, and advertising, WIMI AR Hologram Platform has completed intelligent implantation of Augmented Reality (AR) holography for 30 million times, and displayed AR totally for more than 3 billion times. Moreover, WIMI AR Hologram has made smart portraits for 300 million users through the AI plug-in, and provided tabbed AR holographic implantation of applications according to the AI algorithms. Then, WIMI AR Hologram provides AI augmented reality insertion services for thousands of business customers, involving the intelligent AR holographic synthesis of more than 4,000 business scenarios and 600,000 applications. WIMI AR Hologram is integrated into augmented reality through high-quality IP, with more than 700 million users totally. WIMI AR Hologram takes the advantage of its subsidiary to provide AI augmented reality services for hot Internet TV series and long videos, with the audience including: 1.06 billion views on Wasd Beyond Light Years, 1.31 billion views on HUAJIANGHU, 340 million views on The Great Adventurer, and 1.28 billion views on Yi Guan Xiao Zhuan. Additionally, WIMI AR Hologram has provided more than 8 billion services of AR 3D implantation of AI scenes, characters and props.

Domestic Technology Giants’ Layout in AI Industry

Jack Ma once said, “A technological revolution cycle lasts for about fifty years. The first two decades witness revolutions and innovations of technology companies, while the next three decades are dominated by great applications of technology in all aspects of society. Whoever successfully applies technology and accomplishes popularization of technology will play a leading role in the future.”

In the AI strategic layout, Alibaba seems to never emphasize its breakthroughs in AI technology, but it indeed highlights both the application of AI technology into business scenarios and quick transformation of technology into life service applications. AliCloud, City Brain, assisted driving, and image recognition are aggressively driving applications of artificial intelligence to various business scenarios. On this basis, in addition to “no ceiling on the budget”, Alibaba has arranged its layout in artificial intelligence in a variety of ways, including recruiting various AI scientists around the world, doing research and development of various AI products that can be combined with Alibaba’s existing business scenarios, and putting heavy investment in AI startups, especially in unicorn companies.

Alibaba is crazy about investing in the AI field. The reasons for its support for the unicorn companies in the field include both its desire to lead the future and bet on the field and its intention to obstruct the opponent. After all, in China, its old rivals Tencent and Baidu have spared no effort to set up their layout in the AI field. Recently, Baidu has announced that it will invest in more than 10 AI startups in 2018, and at the same time, Tencent has also invested in three intelligent robot companies in November 2018.

However, the entry of “hot money” and the support of giants have caused the gradual emergence of chaos and bubbles in the AI industry, accompanied by the improved salary of AI talents. The same competition is continuously taking place in the fields of security, Internet finance and virtual communities, and WIMI AR Hologram, Megvii, SenseTime and other companies have arranged their layout in those fields. The year of 2019 will be a busy year. It is believed that the year of 2019 will witness the industrial integration and the winners and losers. The battle over commercialization of visual recognition is on.

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