Young Girls and Indian NGO Team Up For A Mission so Important even a 7 Year Old Gets It; Changing the Face of Education 1 Bracelet at a Time

India-based NGO Ladli and a kind-hearted young girl Aryana have teamed up to drive change and empower young underprivileged girls from the streets of Jaipur, India. Young Aryana was on a visit to India, where she witnessed the poor living conditions of the impoverished girls. Moved by the deprivation faced by the street girls and impelled by her tenderhearted nature, Aryana, with the help of her mom, joined NGO Ladlis’ mission to educate the disadvantaged girls of the city, which will make a huge positive impact for the girls, their families and the community as a whole.

Aryana’s mother first noticed her daughter’s generosity after she gave away all her mom’s gluten-free snacks so the never-ending wave of beggars in India. Aryana’s mom then took her to an NGO – Ladli, an organization that supports girls from the streets of India. For most of the girls, surviving on the streets of Jaipur means begging, child labor, or even prostitution. Aryana was so impacted that she decided to dedicate all her savings to pay the girls to make gemstone bracelets, which she would sell in the US, and donate a month of education for every bracelet sold. As soon as she showed it to friends and family, she started to sell out her entire stock and could quickly put in a much larger second order. Each order drives change and empowers lives.

India’s female literacy rate is much lower than the world’s average, which means almost 130 million girls in the country will never enter a classroom and research shows that educating girls not only benefits them but also their families and the community. A girl’s income increases about 20% for every year of education and they invest 90% of their income back into their communities. Aryana and Ladli are doing what they can to make a change and they need others to join in the mission too by purchasing the beautiful handmade gemstone bracelets. Every purchase gives a young girl the freedom to stay healthy, empower her community, lift her country and change the world!

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Ladlis is a private limited liability company working to empower and supports girls from the streets of India through education. The NGO is driving change by selling gemstone bracelets that are handmade by the young artisans at Ladli. 100% of the proceeds go towards funding a month of school education for a girl in need, which further empower lives and drive freedom.

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