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USA – 26th March, 2019 – Air pollution is one thing that affects both the rich and the poor; we cannot run away from this. They affect our lungs and our health in general, that’s why success chemistry the No 1 health supplement suppliers is taking the lead to bring health products that helps enrich our body for optimum performance. Success chemistry is proud to announce its latest product “New Lung” a herbal product that helps cleanse and detox the lungs from the harmful effect of air pollutant from smoggy cities and or years of smoking thereby promoting a healthy lung and sinus.


Clean air is a basic prerequisite for good health; however we suffer from exposure to much air pollutant that affects our lungs and respiratory system in general.  According to many researchers these pollutants in the air decreases life expectancy. Pollutants such as ozone disturbs breathing, trigger asthma symptoms and cause lung and heart diseases. Likewise exposure to environmental tobacco smoke causes many severe respiratory health problems such as asthma and lung cancer.

As air pollution levels keeps climbing in urban cities, we are beginning to see a global shift in the causes of lung cancer cases.  Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death; about 1.7 million people die every year as a result of this. In 1952, for five days a Great Smog covered the city of London leading to at least 8,000 premature deaths, this was Europe’s worst air pollution crisis ever. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2013 classified particulate matter in outdoor air pollution as a human carcinogen. Recently, experts on global disease burden reported that outdoor air pollution is one of the top global causes of premature death, killing about 4.2 million people in 2015.

The good news is medical research have brought about supplements that can help combat the effects of this pollutant, you can now cleanse and detox your lungs for optimum health. New lung a full Spectrum top rated lung detox and cleanser is Packed with powerful vitamins, herbs, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants, making its formula one of the best Lung Cleanser in the market today. This highly effective blend of nutrients and natural herbal extracts was designed specifically for the lungs, to help support the respiratory system for better lung health thus making it easier for the body to expel air so one can breathe comfortably through the seasons.

Its Herbal content like berry extract, grape seed extract and Echinacea helps boost the lung, sooth coughs and sore throats. The Vitamin C, D and Magnesium improve respiratory health and lung tissue. These clinically proven ingredients with healing benefits increase the lung elasticity allowing more oxygen in your lungs, boosts strength, metabolism and energy, promotes heart and brain health, reduces inflammation and stress, promotes healthy immune response and wellness, aids vision, digestion and bone strength. This is great for smokers, athletes and everyone who desire great health.

The best part is that the ingredients are all from natural organic source, they are free from allergen, artificial additives, preservatives, fillers, pesticides, heavy metals, sulfates and dioxides or toxins. New lung is available on amazon and can be ordered from the comfort of your home.

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