New Video Service Launched! People Can Now Send Video Messages To The Future

A cool out of the box idea has hit the market. NeverForget.Video is a newly serviced web application that will allow people to record their video messages today that can be viewed later on in the future. Use the NeverForget.Video service to designate a time, date, and recipients and the message will be sent to them in the future. Initially designed for elderly or terminally ill people who wish to save heartfelt video messages for their loved ones to see after their passing. Such videos will be something for their loved ones to remember them by.

Since its launch, people have been coming up with new and exciting ways to use the service. According to the company, people have used the service to remind themselves in the future all the sweet and loving memories of their kids. Parents have sent the company their favorite videos which they will watch in the future together when the children have turned 18!

The NeverForget.Video spokesperson said, “We love the ways our customers are using our innovative service. So before you are too old, demented or dead… let us help you leave a video message for your loved ones and send them it to them in the future. Our service is perfect if you want to send your grandchild wishes for their 16, 18 or 21 birthday or capture a special moment with your kids today and send the video to their future for them to see and relive the joy.”

The company promises that the videos being submitted to them for the service will be available ONLY on the selected day in the future and nobody will see it before then, which makes it so much more special. The videos are sotred using Amazon Servers as part of an AWS agreement.

This is also a clever solution for people who tend to forget anniversaries, birthdays or holidays. They can avail NeverForget.Video’s innovative service, record their wishes well in advance and have them sent to the future on a perfect day. No more worries or embarrassment.

Other than recording a message with love, people can also record secret recipes or a family secret they would like to reveal after death. All of this is now possible and extremely simple through this brilliant new service. Clients have to simply select the recipients and set the date when the video will be available for viewing, and NeverForget.Video will deliver it in the future.


NeverForget.Video is an innovative greeting and message delivery service that allows people to send their recorded videos to their designated recipients in the future. A group of creative entrepreneurs and out of the box thinkers developed this service.

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