Veteran owned business “Kill the Enemy Coffee” is making its way through the industry with its signature blends

Kill the Enemy Coffee is active duty and Veteran-owned small business that offers some of the best-tasting coffee blends. The brand is launched by 3 friends, Louis, Jacob and Gage; dedicated to producing high-quality coffee, through working hours and hours of perfecting blends. They developed a website to offer signature coffee blends, which is gaining quite some popularity among the customers and got featured on many popular blogs.  The website also offers its unique apparel collection, coffee mugs, and other signature accessories.

At Kill the Enemy, they roast the coffee to order in small batch quantities to preserve its freshness and unique taste. The catchy names of different coffee blends such as ‘Red White &Wake the fuck up’, ‘Blazin Bitch’ have also grabbed the attention of many coffee lovers. ‘Blazing Bitch’ coffee blend is a 100% Arabica blend composed of beans from Haiti, Honduras, and Sulawesi. It is a dark strong coffee, with a slightly bitter finish balanced by clean earthy notes for an exceptional coffee experience.

Sludge, on the other hand, is a 100% Arabica coffee, composed of beans from Bali and Sumatra. It has a savory caramelized, molasses and chocolate flavor, suitable for those who like their coffee with a subtle twist of flavor. The third coffee blend, Red White & Wake The Fuck Up is a medium roast Colombian/Yemen blend. This coffee has a chocolaty body with a brisk aftertaste that wakes the user up and gives them the energy to get going.

In the words of Kill the Enemy,

“To Kill The Enemy is more than what it means at first glance. To Kill The Enemy is to conquer your inner demons and move past what is holding you back.

To Kill The Enemy is to always push forward even when you are doubtful of the outcomes.

To Kill The Enemy is to wake up at the ass crack of dawn, and suck down Americas finest blends, created by American Veterans.” 

More information about products can be found at Kill the Enemy’s official website.

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