Interview with Jiang Erer, founder of One and Two Media: The mission of online marketing is to create miracles

Entrepreneur Daily News reporter / Wang Hailiang

Profile: Jiang Erer, now living in Chengdu, graduated from Hebei Communication University; co-founder of Sichuan One and Two Media.

First, promote innovation, make marketing easier

Reporter: Internet marketing is no longer a conceptual topic in the new era of the Internet. Can you help us analyze its definition?

Jiang Erer: Marketing is an art even if it is a science. Internet marketing has the marketing of the network first. The word “marketing” emphasizes both the pursuit of results and the process. It is necessary to “sell” and “camp”.

Reporter: So what are the ways of internet marketing?

Jiang Erer: I have a lot of statistics on the way of online marketing. The most common ones are SEO optimization and new media marketing, as well as video and soft text. Weibo, WeChat, and the current popular small video platform. Sound, national small video and some live broadcast platforms can be regarded as a way of marketing, and now the requirements for materials are not limited, so the company is actually very flexible when doing promotion.

Reporter: Can a company rely on traditional forms of advertising for a long time? How to use the Internet marketing to do brand promotion?

Jiang Erer: Many companies, including some traditional media industries, are now switching. Many companies are pulling money through Internet marketing. Many traditional media have been changed to new media marketing. As far as I know, some newspapers pay half of their wages to employees. Others All rely on new media marketing, always attached to the traditional form of advertising is certainly not long-lasting, occasionally can be carried out several times, such as newspapers, television, radio, outdoor advertising; online marketing has shortened the process of media delivery, advertisers in traditional media Marketing generally involves three stages. The marketing strategy of each company is different. Branding is also subject to the situation.

Second, be a living advertiser.

Reporter: As a media big media in the advertising industry, can you talk about your understanding of Internet advertising?

Jiang Erer: I think that in my life, especially after the Internet is booming, most people may be as inseparable from advertising as me. Advertising is my life. Every time I go to the office, I will read all kinds of things. Advertising information, sometimes even looking at the time to forget the time, and go home from work, in addition to reading is to see advertising, the most important thing is to learn basic ideas from other people’s advertising.

Reporter: In the many brand marketings that you have done for your clients, is it convenient to disclose more successful marketing cases?

Jiang Erer: Originally, I was specialized in advertising, and it was widely told that more people know that there are countless people who are looking for us to send articles every day, but we have done a press release, video shooting, and interviews. For eight years, the models and resources are relatively mature, but there is not much explanation here. We have been innovating from the previous year’s inclusion of New York Times Square big screen Reuters screen ads, Nasdaq big screen ads, and foreign media postings. On the one hand, we are expanding our business, on the other hand, letting customers find us. It’s not just about promoting it. If he needs it, there is no problem from pre-planning to post-execution.

Third, do a good job in marketing

Reporter: What is the competitive advantage of One and Two Media in your industry?

Jiang Erer: I think it should be a service and a channel! Services are intangible, indivisible, variable, and perishable; each idiot will cut prices by 10% to increase competitiveness, and we will not compete at low prices.

Reporter: What is the purpose of One and Two Media?

Jiang Erer: Our business theory is to let everyone feel their contribution. This kind of contribution can be seen, touched, and counted. One and Two Media is committed to providing the most comprehensive advertising resources and services for businesses and public relations companies.

Reporter: What is your company’s development desire in the future? What new plans does One and Two Media have in 2019?

Jiang Erer: Our future wealth is not in the accumulation of wealth, but in the renewal of ideas. In 2019, we are not limited to graphic texts in the interviews with people. As long as there are customers who need to do character interviews, whether in graphic form or in video format, our company has also set up an interview live room for video and live broadcast. After the completion, the video will be promoted on all major online platforms. Not only that, but also will be displayed in the form of special issues on some cooperative news websites, which will help enterprises or individuals to quickly enhance the brand’s influence and popularity, because we give customers The mission of doing online marketing is to create a miracle!

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