China’s Household Beauty instruments Market Grows Fast, Ulike Depilatory Instruments Has Worldwide Sales

After entering the 21st century, the global medical beauty industry has become the third largest one next to automotive and aviation. Especially in China, the beauty industry is growing at an extremely fast rate. The data shows that the market size of China’s household beauty instruments is expected to reach 8.58 billion yuan in 2024.

Through market research, we can find that depilatory instruments are very popular in China. Chinese consumers are increasingly inclined to the “home cosmetology” model, and enjoy the pleasure of depilatory at home is a new trend. Therefore, not only the local brands vigorously developed the sales channels for depilatory instruments, but also the foreign well-known depilatory instruments brands entered the Chinese market continually, showing the booming of depilatory instruments.


Among them, the market performance of well-known brand Ulike depilatory instruments is even better, its industry reputation and user feedback are very good. According to insiders, Ulike is the earliest brand in Asiafocused on the field of household optical hair removal instruments, and established in-depth cooperation with many well-known dermatologists in Asia, becoming the first to put forward the concept of “home-made beauty salon-level hair removal effect” in the industry, the main businesses are hair removal, beauty, hairdressing, personal care and other family beauty products. 

Compared with similar depilatory instruments brands, Ulikepays more attention to humanized design, the product’s practicality and functionality are highly recognized by the market. Ulike depilatory instruments uses ‘ice care’ as the core technology, starting from the needs of women’s body, achieving the comfortable and fast hair removal process and long-lasting and effective hair removal effect. 

The Ulike depilatory instruments made a remarkable performance in China. “For the third consecutive year, it has ranked first in the “Chinese Amazon” Tmall depilatory instruments sales category”, which is also a memory tag for the industry and more Chinese users. In addition, we need to mention another case of Ulike’s top-selling. In 2018, the new aurora depilatory instruments were launched. On the “Tmall Double 11”, more than 20,000 sets were sold, which is called a phenomenon-level item.

Besides the best-selling of Ulike depilatory instruments in China, Ulike also set an experience store in Korea, and its products are trusted by locals. In addition, thanks to the global sales scope of Chinese Tmall, users in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the United States, Canada and other countries can also purchase Ulike depilatory instruments through the online mall.

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