Anthony Teixeira Offers French Translating Services To Businesses Of All Sizes

Amid the rise of machine translation, he offers quality, human translations that are not a literal interpretation of source text. His translations are tailored to the style and image of the businesses he works with.

Yoshino, Japan – Anthony Teixeira is a freelance translator and proofreader, providing native French translation services since 2009. He has spent a few years learning the ropes in a localization company before becoming independent. His experience spans over more than a dozen industries and well over a hundred clients. He can adapt his style and tone to your specific needs, so you can benefit from the best localization experience possible.

Anthony Teixeira follows a rigorous process to deliver quality translations:

  • Translation draft – He prepares a draft of the French document.
  • Manual editing & proofreading – He will let the text rest a bit so He can edit it with a refreshed mind. He then goes over the whole translation to check its accuracy and fluidity.
  • Quality assurance – Before delivery, he runs his final draft through advanced tools to fix any issues left: they detect typos (including homophones), common mistranslations and literal translations of English words, syntax errors, inconsistencies at a word/sentence level, missing numbers and punctuation, formatting issues for complex file types, and more.
  • Delivery – Finally, you receive the French translation by the agreed deadline. Moreover, after delivery, he remains available for edits and additions.

Working with a freelance translator offers many advantages; you could be tempted to work with a translation agency to simplify project management. However, hiring a reliable professional French translator directly will benefit you in several ways:

  • Lower costs – No middleman, no agency fees.
  • Quality and consistency – With an agency, you never truly know who is working on your text. It can cause great variations in style and tone. With a single provider, you eliminate accuracy and consistency issues.
  • Quick and smooth communication – Talk directly to the translator in charge. You will convey your needs easier and faster. A smooth translation process is all about proper communication. Clients and translators should be able to exchange notes seamlessly.

Quality is given priority by Anthony Teixeira. If he has the slightest suspicion that the work at hand is out of his scope, or that he can’t handle it for moral reasons, he will inform you right away. In this case, he will try to refer you to a colleague, when possible. Timing can be crucial. If your project requires immediate attention, his experience allows him to translate fast while maintaining high quality standards. He always delivers and answer support requests in time.

Furthermore, if you are selling a product or service, his experience optimizing the value of localization projects can help you improve your business outcomes. For example, if you are translating website listings or an App Store description, he will follow SEO/ASO and copywriting best practices. He am up to date with the latest trends. Recent projects include crypto-currency/block-chain documents and white papers on the latest trends and technologies in the IT industry.

About the Company:

Anthony Teixeira is a freelance translator and proofreader, providing native French translation services since 2009.

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