YNM’s Glass Bead Technology – Revolutionizing the Idea of Self-Care with Weighted blankets

YNM’s Glass Bead Technology - Revolutionizing the Idea of Self-Care with Weighted blankets

In today’s face paced world, everybody is living an incredibly hectic life. People around us are racing, trying to make things work and make their lives better. But often do they fail to realize that this complex journey slowly takes a toll on the health as people start compromising on their quality of life. These days, most of the people are especially affected by issues related to stress lack of sleep and have serious problems with insomnia. It is a vicious cycle that keeps them feeling completely flushed out in the following mornings as well.

To deal with such issues, people are often seen buying newer inventions. One such latest product that is seen gaining a surge in popularity lately, with many supporters saying they have reduced stress-levels and cured insomnia, anxiety and other chronic mental health issues are the weighted blankets.

A weighted blanket as the name suggests is blanket with extra weight in it that can weigh anywhere between 5lbs to around 20 lbs. Typically, these weighted blankets are mostly filled with materials such as plastic beads, polyester fibre fill, poly pellets, weighted discs, along with other safely approved materials that are compliant to the required standards of safe usage. These materials play a pivotal role in determining the weight as well as the experience of the person using the blanket. At YNM, a team of researchers is working on material upgrading to give its buyers a personalized experience of comfort and healing.

As a professional blanket manufacturer, YNM has the state of art manufacturing units and advanced technology to perform R&D and innovations that can elevate the customer’s experience with their products, specifically the glass bead technology innovation in weighted blankets, hoping to bring a higher comfort as well as peace while using YNM products. These weighted blankets made with glass beads help eliminate the problems that were faced by people using plastic filled blankets by creating an evenly distributed weight of glass beads that are sewn in pockets between the outer fabric of the blanket. This puts even pressure on the muscles and joints, which helps release Serotonin in the body by sending ‘calming’ signals to the brain.

Our weighted blankets are specifically designed to tackle or reduce serious health issues such as:

• Insomnia

• Sensory Processing Disorder


• Restless Leg Syndrome

• Fibromyalgia Pain

• Improves Sleep Quality

• Anxiety

• Autism

YNM is a renowned and reliable brand that uses a special seven-layers design on the blankets which include a central layer of glass beads surrounded by soft fabric layers. The multi-layering design makes the glass beads smaller and denser, so our blankets are less bulky and much more comfortable. This design ensures that the sleepers can experience maximum softness without feeling the beads bulging through. Each of the YNM products is supported by high quality and satisfaction guarantee. These blankets come with a three-year warranty.

For more details visit https://www.ynmhome.com/ or send an e-mail to info@ynmhome.com

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