All About Me! A Children’s Book by Tequila E. Howard – a Book by Children for Children

All About Me! A Children’s Book by Tequila E. Howard - a Book by Children for Children

Alexandria, VA – March 27, 2019 – Children are naturally creative, as their concentration, coordination, and independence skills develop between the ages 3 to 6. Tequila E. Howard put her trust in that developmental milestone in children and authored the book “All About Me!” The book consists of children’s ideas, whereby the children drew their pictures, wrote their own words, designed their book cover, dedication and signature pages, while getting to know the process of book publishing. Teachers facilitated the project, as children directed it.

“All About Me”has Montessori classroom tenets, tapping into the freedom of expression in young children. The book reflects Montessori’s ideals.  When one reads “All About Me,” they will be able to see the words and pictures through children’s lenses, their thoughts, and feelings contained in creative expression shining through. “All About Me” evokes respect for the children who put together the book, as well as for all of their young counterparts.  It peaks of their plasticity that is up to adults to mold so that it is shaped into what’s useful for the children and the world around them. In the process of this project, the children went on a journey of self-discovery that was filled with felicity, tranquility, and hilarity, as did the author, Tequila E. Howard.

The inspiration for “All About Me” came when Tequila was teaching in an elementary public school in 2007, where a book buddy program was held. The book buddy program paired an older class with a younger class for paired reading each week. One of the author’s fellow teachers brought up the idea about publishing a book together – with both of their Pre-K and 1st-3rd Grade classes.  It was a huge success – therefore the project saw annual continuum.

In the writing of “All About Me,” the children discovered what makes them tick and came up with their creative ideas, all duly reflected in the book.

The author is very passionate about developing literacy and language skills in young children.  Her dissertation titled, Improving Language and Literacy Skills Using the Montessori Language Approach, speaks for itself in a project such as the “All About Me” book.

About the author

Tequila E. Howard, EdD has been working with young children in the field of early childhood education for the past twenty-one years and she is still loving it. Dr. Howard promotes heavy language and literacy development. She loves teaching children about the voice they house inside of them and the importance of expressing it!

She is an author, Montessori teacher, professor, motivational speaker, and consultant. A former Commission member of the Education Practices Commission for the Florida Department of Education, Dr. Howard is currently a member of the American Montessori Society (AMS) and the National Education Association (NEA) educational organizations. She has been publishing children’s books under the children’s direction since 2007. In her spare time, Dr. Howard enjoys water sports, swimming with the dolphins, working with the hearing impaired, and teaching spinning fitness classes!

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