Neurofeedback and Autism Therapy Delivering Benefits in Asheville North Carolina

Neurofeedback and Autism Therapy Delivering Benefits in Asheville North Carolina

Arden, North Carolina – Asheville Brain Training, a leading provider of non-invasive medical treatments which deal with challenging health issues such as autism and Alzheimer’s is pleased to announce that they are helping many new patients in and around North Carolina,

Inquiries and confirmed bookings for their Alzheimer’s therapy in Asheville, and autism therapy in Asheville are at an all-time high, as local residents begin to hear about the successes their patients are experiencing.

Neurofeedback is a relatively new and innovative method of training the brain, by rewarding it for performing certain types of behaviour. It is pain-free, does not require any surgery or operations, and in certain circumstances can deliver results in a relatively short period of time.

“In my opinion, I have one of the best jobs in the world,” said Dr. JoJo Yonce, the owner and founder of Asheville Brain Training. “Everyday I get to work with patients, helping them to transform their lives, give them a better quality of life, and in some instances help restore their dignity. The neurofeedback therapy in Asheville is delivering results for our patients on a daily basis, and if I had to describe the incredible feeling my staff and I experience on a regular basis. My message to anyone with a friend or relative suffering from the effects of Autism or Alzheimer’s would be to get in contact with our team as quickly as possible. The potential for improvement could transform the lives of not only your friend or family member but also anyone else who is responsible for or affected by their condition.

Asheville Brain Training is a locally owned and operated provider of neurofeedback training in Arden North Carolina. The owner Dr. Yonce has personal experience of the benefits of the treatment; in fact, he discovered the benefits when looking for a solution to his daughter’s ADHD. He is passionate about the benefits it can deliver, and determined to help as many people as possible, overcome whatever health issues they are facing, where neurofeedback has been shown to deliver results. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

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