WIMI AR Hologram Replaces Vulgar Practitioners in Nightclub/Disco with Top AI Holographic Dancers

When such high-tech as artificial intelligence, AR, and hologram come into fashion, many brands also strive to keep pace with the times, and regardless of types of products and services, adding technological elements is necessary for attracting more attention. Recently, many brands have used holographic projection technology in their marketing activities. In the past, this technology was widely used in just museums and large-scale concerts, and now it has become one of the popular marketing methods.

Recently, Bombay Sapphire, a gin brand owned by Bacardi, used AR technology to put a dancing girl into the bottle. This cool bottle has been launched in Germany, and only a smart phone can allow the girl to dance in the bottle. This idea actually takes advantage of visual illusions. A layer of organic glass is set snugly on the side of the bottle packaging, which can project the image in the phone into the bottle, thereby producing 3D effects that someone is really dancing in the bottle.

The holographic dancers are more realistic after going through the technological upgrade of WIMI AR Hologram. WIMI AR Hologram has released the high-simulation top AI holographic dancers into nightclub, a new public relations field. Since then, the remarkably cool and lifelike AI holographic dancers have entered fashion world. Their various styles break through the monotonous imagination of people about girls on the stage, and these holographic dancers broaden people’s vision in reality.

Holographic technology refers to a technique for recording and reproducing real three-dimensional images of objects based on the principles of interference and diffraction. The first step is to record the light wave information of the object by using the interference principle. This step is called shooting. Specifically, the diffuse object beam is formed under laser irradiation of object; the other part of the laser beam is used as a reference beam to the holographic film, and interference is generated after the reference beam is superimposed on object beam; thus, the phase and amplitude of each point on the object’s light wave is converted into a spatially varying intensity, thereby recording all the information of the object light wave by using the contrast and spacing between the interference fringes. After the negative film recording the interference fringes goes through development, fixing and other processes, a hologram is obtained. The second step is to adopt the principle of diffraction to reproduce the light wave information of the object. This is called the imaging. The hologram is like a complex grating, and under the coherent laser radiation, a diffracted wave of a linearly recorded sinusoidal hologram generally gives birth to two images, including the original image (also known as the initial image) and the conjugate image. The reproduced image has a strong stereoscopic effect and also a real visual effect. Each part of the hologram records the light information of each point on the object, so in principle, each part of it can reproduce the entire image of the original. Moreover, multiple different images can be recorded on the same film by multiple exposures, and they can be displayed separately without interference.

When a new round of technology wave comes, China is crowded with just chasers, falling behind Europe and the United States and even Japan and South Korea. WIMI AR Hologram in China has been continuously doing research and development for ages, and has already created the third-generation 6D light field holographic product. The simulation degree over 98% takes the users’ breath away in astonishment. The AR holographic technology developed by WIMI AR Hologram contains numerous unknown technical secrets. The research and development of 6D light field holographic chips is considerably costly, and various original large-scale integrated circuits and software applications have completely subverted the thought patterns of average people. Therefore, all technical details involving from the light field principle to the chip software are kept confidential.

In fact, in terms of the realization of holographic technology, there is no significant technological difference in whether image mosaicing or imaging between competitors in the same industry. In other words, the technical threshold will be gradually lowered to the ground with the development of the industry. In case of unified technology level, content IP is the critical barrier, and also the fastest way to achieve commercial application.

Holographic virtual stage & holographic virtual role is one of the core industries in the virtual reality industry, and is also proved to be one of the most profitable industries in the world. WIMI AR Hologram pays much attention to holographic software content development, cloud platform construction, and integration of investment into industrial investment, and has accomplished extraordinary technological achievements in such application fields. Further, WIMI AR Hologram can be referred to as “patent & IP copyright harvester”, qualified with 295 holography-related patents, 76 holography-related software copyrights, and 4325 holographic content IPs, covering the children education, sports & entertainment, games, film and television, and other scale applications to real-life scenes.

The introduction of holographic technology will solve problems such as labor cost, prop maintenance and replacement and limited scheduling; at the same time, holographic technology can produce the more realistic effect and can achieve the outcomes that can not be obtained in the real-life performance in the past. Under the condition that the reproduction and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage is impending, holographic technology can be used to produce holograms of history, drama, rites and music, poems and other intangible cultural heritage contents, and preserve the most orthodox cultural contents. In the meantime, educational content can also be presented before primary and middle school students through innovative panoramic holography.

It is worth mentioning that all the above holographic contents are not limited to one-way output to the audience, and the holographic characters can interact with the audience in real time through AI technology. Holographic technology has provided new power for the cultural industry. WIMI AR Hologram uses AI holography as the bridge to performance, tourism and culture, which is an innovative and unprecedented mode in the whole industry. It integrates the technical team, leading IP, government resources and tourism market, further enhancing and amplifying the value of IP. Moreover, it also combines holographic technology with cultural content, providing enterprises with a full chain of services from IP to development, operation and commercialization of content. Such one-stop services will enhance the possibilities of exploring more market values.

In the future, the demand of human beings for physical goods will decline, while digital demand will rise. At that time, cloud systems can obtain knowledge and information from the data and accomplish the related tasks, facilitating our work and family life and bringing about more intelligent environment. This new digital era will trigger a huge shift in demand and prompt more relevant companies to achieve maximum performance at the lowest cost while supporting a wide range of personalized services.

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