Cool! WIMI AR Hologram Organizes Competition Among AI Holographic Cars Worth Millions of Yuan

The society is always advancing, and the technology is also developing at a high speed. In the world, there is always someone who has many expectations for future, and they are constantly striving for their expectations. In the Hollywood movie “Iron Man”, many fantastic technologies are made into reality. Especially, the holographic projection technology is also applied to its fullest. The hero’s vehicle adopts the supreme AI system which is adored much by the audience. The system can not only perform a lot of complicated instructions, but also chat with the hero in his spare time. It can be said that each innovation of Tony’s “Mark” is inseparable from the assistance of the intelligent housekeeper Jarvis and the holographic projection. In this smart Internet era when everything is possible, vehicle artificial intelligence is no longer just a movie plot. Recently, it is very cool for WIMI AR Hologram advertising system to realize hologram of cars worth millions of yuan.

360-degree phantom imaging has the most magical effect of holographic projection. It was developed by Danish company ViZoo in 2006. Holographic membrane is used to construct an inverted pyramid-shaped triangular funnel geometry model. The video images projected by four projectors are first diffracted continuously in the funnel, and converge into a holographic application image. It seems that there are real things floating in the air. The system can also be equipped with a touch screen, and the audience can manipulate the 3D product model for rotation or disassembly through various gestures and actions. In this way, the audience can gain an in-depth understanding of the performance of products being displayed. Therefore, once this holographic display system is launched, it quickly becomes a new type of advertising carrier that is frequently applied to various exhibitions and conferences. In addition, this technology is also very popular with museums, which can reproduce some precious cultural relics and the originals are properly preserved for fear of being stolen.

Of course, the holographic membrane is not the only method of holographic imaging. Pure air imaging is also feasible. After generation of water mist-like imaging air molecules, the system can receive projection from the projector and present a stereo hologram. However, this method is costly and therefore less frequent.

In reality, is this technology frequently used? As early as 2017, the holographic projection was applied in the French presidential race. When Melenchon was talking eloquently in Lyon, France, there was another Melenchon appearing in the concert hall in Paris 500 kilometers away. Relying on three-dimensional holographic projection technology, the hologram of Melenchon in Paris simultaneously showed words and deeds of Melenchon in Lyon. In addition, holographic projection is not rarely applied on the domestic stage. For example, in the Spring Festival Gala of 2015, when Chris Lee was singing her song “Shuxiu” on the stage, most of the audience offstage or in front of the TV set were surprised by seeing four “Chris Lees”. What an unimaginable performance!

In China, light field application scenes of WIMI AR Hologram have surpassed the traditional demonstration means. Especially, WIMI AR Hologram advertising system has already gotten ride of the visual fatigue of traditional advertising. Traditional advertising media is two-dimensional, accompanied by worse effects. However, facts have proved that 3D holographic glass-free stereoscopic advertising will give people an immersive experience, and both the product itself and the creative effect can be refreshing. For example, no matter how large the screen is, TV advertisement in a square fails to attract anyone. However, when a glass-free stereo holographic 6D advertising character or product appears and the user cannot even tell if the character or product is real, a large number of viewers will be attracted to actively watch the advertisement. The fact that crowds of people take the initiative in watching advertisement can indicate that the holographic 6D advertising has great influence. If in the absence of glass-free holographic demonstration, how can Melenchon’s speech and Chris Lee’s fantastic performance in traditional display methods attract the audience?

In 2017, the size of domestic advertising industry market has exceeded 500 billion yuan. WIMI AR Hologram advertising platform will subvert the traditional advertising communication and effect, and customers will obtain an immersive experience if they watch the holographic stereoscopic advertising. Both the product itself and the creative effect in the ad will be refreshing and appealing to a large number of potential consumers.

The business paths of the offline advertising platform of WIMI AR Hologram include agency services and integrated services. In order to build the platform advantages as well as advantages in snatching high-quality resources, WIMI AR Hologram will rapidly develop the underwriting and distribution system. The reason for the platform integration is mainly the current conditions of offline advertising industry in the country. In China, the national media has a much higher brand premium ability than regional media. The brand premium can reach 3-5 times of prices on average according to the different media forms.

WIMI AR Hologram integrates all the self-built points in the possession of agencies, and distributes the advertising resources on WIMI AR Hologram platform through the online advertising distribution system, so as to build a joint holographic advertising platform in China. WIMI AR Hologram will help agencies strive for mutual benefit from brand premium, form a platform for profit sharing and solve the industry problem of uniform distribution of offline holographic advertisements.

Ecological components of WIMI AR Hologram are divided into two categories: online part and offline part, with the business form including regular platform-based business and non-standard project-based business. WIMI AR Hologram’s business revenue consists of three major items: holographic AR advertising, holographic AR entertainment and holographic AR technological services.

First, the advertising business is divided into two parts including online and offline AR holographic advertisements. The online business is mainly mobile AR holographic advertisement display and light entertainment advertisement application, while the offline advertising is divided into two types: WIMI AR Hologram advertising display sites sales and non-standard project-based advertisements display.

Second, the entertainment business is divided into online and offline AR holographic interactive entertainment. The online entertainment business is mainly the insertion of AR holographic effect of film and television, insertion of AR holographic effect of live show and short video, and development and operation of AR holographic games. Offline entertainment business provides the company’s own holographic digital IP copyright distribution and authorization services, holographic cinema services and holographic performance services. And finally, technical services involve providing technical services for advertising and entertainment platforms, as well as providing technical support for holographic AR demanded by WIMI AR Hologram in the social, educational, medical, military, home, industrial, tourism, e-commerce and other industries.

Since the establishment of WIMI AR Hologram platform, the platform construction has been the main business arena, and the models of agency, joint operation and underwriting have been adopted so as to quickly occupy the window period of the advertising market layout. Furthermore, the platform construction is supplemented by advertising exhibition and display business, and it is necessary to determine the demand for innovative advertising exhibition as the industry pain points. Two-way efforts are made to accomplish the goal of acquiring cumulative 1000+ customers, breaking through 10+ industry paths, and gradually deepening the market layout and actively expanding market share.

Compared with the development of a country, these technologies are not a big problem at all, but a matter of time. It is believed that in the near future, AI holography will become a reality, enter the ordinary families and benefit the public. With the continuous development of holographic projection technology and artificial intelligence technology, it is expected that the future applications will become more extensive and perfect, and at that time we will be really stepping into the sci-fi era.

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