QmeSpotlight.com News, Qme Business Ecosystem announces the launch of “Cliiimb”

QmeSpotlight.com News, Qme Business Ecosystem announces the launch of “Cliiimb”
Giving new meaning to the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” with the use of innovative technology.

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE – March 28, 2019 – QmeSpotlight.com News, QmeBusiness Ecosystem (Qme) announces the launch of a new app called “Cliiimb” (https://cliiimb.com).

What is Cliiimb?

The Cliiimb app is designed to drive an important community initiative and collective vision to empower our youth through knowledge sharing and transfer. The Cliiimb app lets anyone across all communities easily create and share impactful content. The content is meant to be shared by professionals, leaders, teachers, pastors, police officers, politicians, athletes, musicians, dancers, coaches, elders, retirees, parents, grandparents, etc., who have information that will positively impact and enhance the lives of our youth and communities. This content will be hosted live on the Cliiimb app in perpetuity for youth and young adults to access. They will be able to search relevant topics that they want to explore and learn about. Cliiimb’s goal is to create symbiotic community relationships by promoting its culture of knowledge and information exchange.

Solution Link: https://cliiimb.com/

“The Cliiimb team believes that there needs to be an independent and dedicated environment where individuals can nurture and promote the growth of our youth – The Cliiimb team set out to build a platform designed to drive a movement based on the Cliiimb team’s belief that a community’s future sustainability will emerge by leveraging the power of our collective efforts to develop, empower, support, and guide young people to reach their greatest potential.” – Bentley Charlemagne, Cliiimb Team Leader

The Problem Cliiimb is Solving

There’s a divide between millennials and older generations due to poor dialogue and exchange of information between these two groups. There is no community roundtable where ideas and information are shared between generations. Young people are immersed in a dynamic continually-evolving digital world, while older generations are reliant on analog forms of communication and are steadfast in how they relay information. Cliiimb solves this problem by implementing a one-click feature for video, audio, and posts to create contributions.

Where Cliiimb comes in is that it is cultivating an environment that allows older generations the ability to easily transfer this information and knowledge to a younger audience by using the Cliiimb platform. Cliiimb allows its members to easily share their information and experience with other people who are searching for that information via mobile devices where the majority of young people spend most of their time.

Cliiimb’s Mission

Cliiimb’s mission is to be the “bridge” repository where all of your wisdom and knowledge will be deposited for the next generation and will live on forever!

We believe that when people within communities work as a collective to share their knowledge to the next generation, it will allow our youth to grow into great leaders, educators, professionals, and business owners who help to create spectacular communities. We want our youth to see how the people like yourselves (e.g. parents, grandparents, retirees, community leaders, pastors, politicians, police, healthcare practitioners, educators, entrepreneurs, and professionals) have overcome challenges and learned lessons which need to be shared with them. These stories and information can make all the difference in the growth of our youth in our communities.

We invite you to start contributing on Cliiimb today.

We are seeking your participation as a “Contributor”.

What does “Contributing” mean to us? It means to get involved by contributing your experiences and knowledge in the form of articles, blogs, vlogs, video content, podcasts, music, poems, image visuals, art, stories, history, etc.

In addition, your professional background, thought leadership, expertise, and wisdom can play an important role in guiding the development of today’s young people into tomorrow’s leaders.

Let’s “Cliiimb” together!

Join us @ https://Cliiimb.com

In as much effort that it takes to make a Facebook post, or send a Tweet, you can create and send compelling messages on Cliiimb that will live on and be experienced by those who can engage it forever.

You can download the Cliiimb app on Google Playor in the Apple Store. With your help, let’s make a HUGE impact on the next generation and those to come.

Interested in helping us grow our “contributor” network? Share https://Cliiimb.com with your professional friends and colleagues and invite them to join this mission with us.

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