Blue Horizon Prints and AfterPay Have Teamed Up to Provide Stunning Artworks with Installment-Based Payment Plans

Art is truly an essential part of one’s life. From one’s walls to the very world in which one lives in – art can be seen seeping from every corner to every edge. It has the power and potency to brighten one’s day and turn a dull looking place into something spectacular and colorful.

This is why many people believe that hanging art pieces on canvas prints on walls can really help to make the overall atmosphere lively and welcoming. However, the problem is that not everyone is able to afford such tasks – and often bills and other requirements come in and slash away one’s savings.

To answer this problem, Blue Horizon Prints has now brought in the perfect solution. Partnering up with AfterPay, an e-commerce platform, Blue Horizon Prints now provides their customers the chance to purchase their wall arts, canvas prints and framed artworks now, and pay for them at a later date.

AfterPay ensures that customers can get their favorite items from a wide array of choices and retailers such as jewelry, shoes, music and crafts, hobbies and entertainment and many others. They then allow customers to immediately purchase these and have them delivered – giving them the opportunity to pay for them later in the form of four interest-free installments.

Now that Blue Horizon Prints and AfterPay have partnered up, one can expect to get their favorite wall artworks and canvas prints without having to worry about the costs involved. Through simple installments, one can make the payments while also paying for their bills. Money won’t ever stop one from adding that bit of spark and joy in their life. For more information on this partnership, visit:

About Blue Horizon Prints:

Blue Horizon Prints’ life’s work and passion have always been to help their customers grace their homes, workspaces, and lives with the finest wall art, canvas prints, framed prints and canvas artworks from Australia and beyond. They appreciate that sometimes life can be expensive and adding artwork to one’s walls is not always the number one priority financially, bills must be paid but with this new payment scheme allowing their customers to buy now, pay later they believe they have solved this problem.

In helping them achieve this goal, their team has constantly invested time into trying to find more ways to help their customers enjoy art and access the best pieces with flexible payment options. So when the opportunity to partner with opened up, they were more than delighted.

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