Ginosvate Insole: Incredible Shock-absorb Insole for Sports launch on Kickstarter

Catering to the needs of sports enthusiasts and professional athletes, campaign launches shoe pads that are ergonomic, shockproof and anti- bacterial

A crowdfunding campaign launched today on Kickstarter at < ovd1n> is presenting sports enthusiasts and professional athletes with a new model of shoe pads that are made of a super-material with very particular characteristics. The Ginosavte Insole Shoe Pads combine anti-shock properties with ergonomic and breathability features to offer a user experience that combines comfort with protection and performance.

“For years we placed a great deal of time and resources in developing a model of shoe pads that could solve all the shortcomings of conventional shoe pads, and, after extensive testing and research, we had a breakthrough in 2018. We came up with these unique shoe pads that use a super-material that truly has unparalleled characteristics”, stated Linus, one of the creators of the Ginosavte Insole Shoe Pads crowdfunding campaign.

The super-material that these shoe pads are made of is a soft and elastic high-tech material that usually stays slack under normal conditions. When exposed to a violent crash or shock, the molecules interlock, and the shoe-pad compresses itself to stay tough, resulting in a protective coating. When the shock goes away, the material will revert back to slack status. This happens in one nanosecond, meaning that the athlete does not feel the impact of jumping, being instead propelled by the shoe pads.

Along with absorbing shock and reducing the impact that athletes feel, these shoe pads offer a soft and comfortable touch since the wellness of athletes is a key focus of the creators of this project. These now -under-crowdfunding soles are also designed to be fully breathable, featuring anti-bacterial properties, “because we know just how important and challenging keeping a good foot health is for people in the world of sports,” Linus commented.

The Ginosavte Insole Shoe Pads are also highly elastic to ensure that the soles have a strong durability even when they are intensively used by professional athletes, and they are created to offer the stability that sports activities require, since the shoe pads prevent the feet from sliding or slipping inside athletes’ shoes. The shoe pads launched today have also an ergonomic design, Linus detailed, stating that “a superb user experience is one of this product’s main goals, which is also why they are fully customizable, as each user can easily tailor each shoe pad to her feet and individual shoes.”

The Ginosavte Insole Shoe Pads have been created by a California-based company led by an international team of experts, and this is the first product of its kind that the company is launching. “We want Ginosavte Insole to become the ultimate standard of sports, outdoor and professional protective accessories, and this is the first step in that direction,” Linus said.

Early backers of the crowdfunding campaign—which is seeking to raise $8,900—are being offered a 40% discount on the product’s future retail price in exchange for their support to the Kickstarter campaign.

For more information, please visit <> or contact Linus, on (86)13357055832 or at

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