Become a Business Tycoon with Business Tycoon 3 – Economy Under Attack

Develop business management skills as you grow your company to become the strongest in the world in this hyper-realistic game

Michael Games proudly announces the release of highly-rated business strategy game Business Tycoon 3 – Economy Under Attack. This game is taking the business world by storm as business owners and regular people alike are playing to outsmart the opposition by making smart decisions and developing capitalist skills that apply in the real world.


Business Tycoon 3 – Economy Under Attack is the third installment of the Business Tycoon game series and this new release will take players through the world of management like never before. If you are looking to become a business tycoon capitalist, then this is the game you should be playing.

Manage your company to become the strongest in the world by developing the company from the ground up. Choose a location on the map and begin to make decisions on concessions, transportation, resources, research and development and many more!

The world is now controlled by rich companies who exert control with their money and power. Players must build a strong economy to train and maintain powerful army units to make it to the top. They can then attack rivals with their army and destroy or steal assets and resources.

Business Tycoon 3’s has many amazing features that make it exciting and addictive:

• G20 – A group of 20 top industrial countries that are now placed in the world map.
• Ability to invest in startup companies based in different countries and later on place bids in countries contracts.
• The business environment is more competitive then ever, maximum allowed buy of business and transportation units is now set.
• The biggest banks in the world are now placed in the world map allowing loans at different rates.
• The main screen has switched from company screen to world map where all countries sites and companies reside.

Players can also have their own soccer team, army experiments company, a mining company, traveling and much more investment which can lead to success ultimately becoming the strongest capitalist and the next business tycoon.

In Next Business Tycoon 3, players don’t only have to be good business managers but must be aware of the competition. They will compete against other capitalists, form alliances attack other companies and many more!

As they move up the stairs on the way to becoming a business tycoon, players will advance in levels and new interesting features will reveal like the stock market and alliances.

Be sure to always put money on research and development or your company will be left behind! Take your business and tycoon skills to the edge in this modern realistic capitalistic game of thought and mind and compete against the world strongest tycoons!

Download the game now on Google Play at

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