Universal Group, UNIPAY, World\’s Largest Block Chain Crypto Currency Conference finishes successfully

The Universal Group (Chief of Song Myung-ho) has successfully completed the “2019 Block Chain Job Creation and Life-Love Conference,” attended by 4,000 Royal Family members, domestic and overseas visitors, and experts on Crypto Currency. For helping underprivileged children, Meal box of love was donated 3,000 at the World Vision.

The event was filled with the audience of 3,000 members of the Universal Group Royal Family and Korean and foreign guests. Also, broadcaster Jo young-gu and Kim kyung-mi are leading this event as a master of ceremonies. And the 11th North American Exchange Market, Denis, who signed the listing agreement with the Universal Group TSL Coin on April 30, Anna Liu Barbina CPO of the 10th China Coin Exchange Market, give Universal group congratulated message on the video phone about this conference event. Anand Vemula, an Indian block-chain expert, gave a lecture on the future outlook for the block chain technology and vision.

As it seems to be impossible, but the Universal Group successfully completed the world’s largest block chain crypto currency international event attended by 4,000 people on April 30. The universal group seems to be leading the global block chain crypto currency market with completing the TSL Coin’s worldwide listing successfully.

It will be held to celebrate the worldwide listing of TSL coin on April 30 at the Thelaville of Emerald Hall located in Cheongdam sharing pleasure with real-time broadcasting of listing and trading. This event intends to participate with the Universal Group executives and 450 UNIPAY leaders well.

Song, Myung-ho, said, “Through this event, the Universal Group has made impossible to possible and made the dream a reality. On April 30th, TSL coin was listed on the global market and launched UNIPAY, Universal group is aggressively leading a job creation with 6,700,000 small business people, to regularly help 330,000 underprivileged children with making a campaign of meal box of love. Many small business people and youth job applicants are in trouble, but I will make a lively place of Korea with UNIPAY.” He emphasized his strong willing about job creation and helping underprivileged children.

In order to spread dreams and hopes to the Republic of Korea, the Universal Group is taking the initiative to launch the real-life Crypto Currency UNIPAY (UNIPAY) in the Korean market.

UNIPAY is a fixed price of 100 won, 20% of the charge amount when charging the introducer, 88% cash back, 7.5 times the magic change, up to 1% every day automatic converting and UNIPAY, TSL coin, universal coin triple transfer. Following the second project will give powerful benefits that cannot be compared with other payment. As universal Coin of Universal group is the third real-life Crypto Currency, Universal Coin will be under control the world payment markets within 6 months into Korea, USA, China and Philippine at the same time.

To this end, UNIPAY of a universal group is branding on the advertisement at baseball stadium which is being promoted through DOSAN and HANHWA opening ceremony located in Korea Baseball Jamsil Stadium in Korea. Also main line of a public metro, Universal group is also doing advertisement and you can see advertisement bus which uses the largest number of passengers in Seoul exclusively for the Universal which carried out on all routes.

The Universal Group is planning to quickly and aggressively inform all the people of UNIPAY spreading 10 million Pro baseball audience and 30 million residents of Seoul people.

UNIPAY of Universal group offers outstanding rewards, real-life and ease of use and 88% cash back. It is instantly can exchange the money through the Universal international exchange markets. The person who have to fulfill the certain condition can possibly get the exchange available coupons that get exchange rights about gold-bar, UNIPAY gold medal from the mobile wallet. So Person who has a right can buy the gold-medal and gold-bar on UNIPAY at the UNI P2P markets.

Also, there are nationwide traditional markets where customers can purchase gift voucher through UNIPAY P2P market which are sell a various of coupons and vouchers which can use to nationwide convenience stores such as CU and GS25, national department stores such as Shinsegae and Lotte, national marts such as Homeplus, and nationwide gas stations such as GS Caltex, CGV and other national cinemas, pizza hut and other restaurants, all tour, Hana Tour, national language school of YBM, Starbucks, etc. all Coffee shop and like a Olive-Young of Cosmetics multi-shop, Nonghyup bank And 88% cash back will be paid.

Furthermore, UNI P2P markets are able to use direct transactions between individuals using block-chain crypto currency using UNIPAY. And at most of UNIAY’s advantage is the 100% safe. Anyone can buy and sell apartments, houses, cars, gift certificates, gold, agricultural products, commodities, and second-hand goods. However, it is not a matter of depositing cash to the seller, but it pay with the UNIPAY. Also it can be tracked through a block chain technology.

TSL Coin, Universal Coin, and UNIPAY, is moving forward with aggressively momentum in the world’s crypto currency market. Revolutionary & Social Contribution Company Universal Group’s TSL Coin is listed on April 30. Simultaneously, the world’s attention has been focusing on targeting the Korea market.

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