New token, new upgraded lifestyle! Introducing Elitium – the cryptocurrency bringing people the world of luxury living

March 28, 2019 – “A lifestyle, once seen as inaccessible to most, is now just a few clicks away for all.”

We’re all guilty. Having caught ourselves peering into the lives of the indulged, we’ve wrongfully assumed ‘that could never be me.’

They travel on private jets.

They hit the road in limousines.

They drive a Lamborghini.

They take to the sea on luxury yachts.

They party at exclusive events.

They wear designer labels.

The thought repeats, “How could that ever be me? Where would I even begin?”

But all they need to find is Elitium!


What’s missing is a platform that ties luxury lifestyle service providers together, and presents them to potential clients seamlessly. Currently, the provider of Hawaiian vacation amenities will not be able to help people with their upcoming business trip to Europe.

Thanks to the network of providers Elitium is building, arranging services 10 miles away becomes just as easy as booking them on the other side of the globe.

Which also presents a second use case for the Elitium platform – personal assistants are among the most excited to use it. No more managing multiple accounts to arrange travels, keeping track of constant currency fluctuations – a single platform to organize them all.


Elitium will launch with full reign of the market as the only platform dedicated to the luxury lifestyle, unbound by borders.  The first and only app jetsetters can use in one location, travel to another, and continue to use in their new location.

Forget the stress of currency conversions in one’s head – with partners of Elitium, all they’ll need to know is the value of the EUM coin.

Use it one country to arrange travel to another, and repeating this process an infinite number of times.


Elitium is aware the adoption of cryptocurrencies has just begun – so to expect every user of the Elitium platform to have already adopted the technology is simply not yet realistic.

While using cryptocurrency will be encouraged, the user will be given the option to pay in a variety of traditional payment methods to insure anyone who joins the platform is able to immediately use it.

Even if the user is paying with a credit card – behind the scenes it ends up on the blockchain and becomes a secure transaction executed using the Elitium cryptocurrency (EUM).

The result is a token always in use, and always in demand – the two essential factors of a token increasing and retaining it’s value.


The platform begins as a destination where the world of luxury living becomes as easy as selecting what user desire.

With a focus on emerging technologies, Elitium imagines a future where it’s all handled for the user.

Rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligence presents the very real potential of a virtual assistant fully capable of acting as your private 24/7 dedicated concierge.  Though an ongoing collaboration with VERA to make this a reality, Elitium is engineering AI that will learn what you love, suggest new luxury experiences, and await your next command.


Elitium doesn’t believe in making users wait – the token can be in their cryptocurrency wallet just minutes from now.

One can buy EUM from one of two exchanges – the choice is theirs.

Learn more, and begin the journey at

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