Present Everything in Stunning Video Quality: ANNKE 5MP Super HD Security Camera System

With the rapid development of security technology, consumers have a growing demand for higher pixels and clearer images. Especially when it comes to monitoring faraway objects, the common 1080P HD security camera system cannot capture all the details you need, like a scar on the criminal’s face, or the licence plate number of the suspect. However, these details prove to be crucial evidence for you to report to the police.

ANNKE, a global leading provider of smart home security solutions, released their 5MP super HD CCTV security camera system two months ago. After one month’s use, I am completely impressed by its super clear image and durable quality. Also, I am astonished by its outstanding compression and storage performance after I enable the H.265+ compression standard. In short, this security camera system is definitely an ideal choice for high-end video surveillance.

See Everything in 5MP Stunning Clarity

This security camera system consists of a powerful 5-in-1 4K DVR, 4pcs 5MP HD weatherproof security camera, and a pre-installed surveillance hard disk drive. With 150% more pixels than standard 1080P, the cameras soak in the entire scene, dynamically painting all the vivid colors and rich imagery, pixel by pixel, onto your monitor or phone screen.

Such high resolution allows you to capture tiny details like faces, license plates, packages and everything in stunning clarity. If someone breaks into your house and stoles away your properties, all of the recordings can serve as crucial evidence for you to report to the police office and find the right intruder. While with a 1080P system, you probably only get blurred images or recordings of these faraway objects, which can prove to be disastrous for your families.

Superb Night Vision with EXIR Array LEDs

Equipped with twin high-end EXIR array LEDs, the cameras deliver superb night vision covering up to 100ft/30m. And the smart IR adjustment also enhances the image quality in low visibility conditions, enabling you to see clearly even in the pitch dark.

When you closely observe the common security cameras, you will find their IR LEDs are surrounding the camera lens, which can cause dark corners in the picture. In contrast, Annke 5MP cameras’ EXIR LEDs are separated from the lens, thus eliminate the dark corners and the spotlight effect you see in other cameras.

The Most Cutting-Edge H.265+ Compression

As the most efficient and cutting-edge compression technology, H.265+ greatly reduces bandwidth requirements and considerably improves compression efficiency, without sacrificing any of the ultra HD video quality. On normal conditions, it allows you to record up to 7 times longer than H.264 with the same HDD. Thus, you can maximize your HDD storage space and enjoy ultra-long recording.

Based on my tests, after the 4pcs 5MP cameras are connected and H.265+ compression standard is enabled, the pre-installed 1TB HDD is estimated to record about 15 days. While with H.264, it can only record about 3 days.

Easy Remote Access & Motion-Triggered Alerts

The system is easy to set up and configure. Just connect the DVR to your router, download the Annke Vision app from App Store or Google Play, install it onto your smartphone or tablet, add the system to the app, then you can start monitoring in minutes. Whether you are sitting in the office busy working or soaking up the sun by a beach 1000 miles away, live viewing is in the palm of your hand. In addition to viewing on your mobile devices, you can also access live video via the PC client “Guarding Vision”.

You can also mark out the vital areas for motion detection like front door, so as to minimize false alerts. Once movements are detected in the customized areas, instant email alert with snapshots as well as app push notifications will be sent to you right the first time. Even when you’re not around, you can take appropriate precautions in time, so that your properties will always be secure.

IP67 Weatherproof Cameras with All-Metal Casing

As the cameras are built with IP66 weatherproof rating, you can install the cameras anywhere in or around your house with ease. The security cameras are durable enough to withstand extreme temperature from -40°F to 140 °F, and can work properly even after soaking in water for 30 minutes.

Where can You Get this Powerful System?

ANNKE 5MP security camera system offers you true-to-life footage like never before. You’re allowed to see far-away objects like license plate and discover all the tiny details effortlessly. With its superior design, outstanding features and reasonable price, this security system will be your perfect choice for high-end video surveillance. Now it is available on Amazon with good price.

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