Draw Result of Sudirman Cup 2019 Grouping

In the afternoon of March 19, 2019, the Draw Ceremony of TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2019 was held in Nanning. It was hosted by Mr. Darren Parks, BWF Event Director. Representatives from BWF, CBA, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Nanning Municipal People’s Government and Mr. Liu Yuchen, the World Champion presented at the draw ceremony.

Sudirman Cup 2019 will be staged in Nanning from May 19 to 26, 2019. 31 participating teams were divided into 4 groups. Only the 12 teams in Group 1 have the qualification to compete for the title. Based on teams rankings, Japanese team became the top seeds and Chinese team the second. According to Rules and Regulations of the Event, the 12 teams in Group 1, divided into 4 sub-groups, will compete with each other in their own sub-groups. The top two teams from each sub-group in Group 1 will progress to the quarterfinals. There are 8 teams in Group 2 and Group 3 respectively, which will compete with each other in their own sub-groups. 3 teams in Group 4 will compete with each other directly.

At the draw ceremony, the Sudirman Cup was placed at an obvious place on the stage. As the draw result came out, a new competition for Sudirman Cup will be staged soon.

This was a Draw Ceremony of Guangxi ethnic customs. The box for the draw was in the shape of Zhuang drum and the drawing ball is similar to embroidered ball. The Zhuang brocade was printed on every draw paper.

What’s more, Miss Badminton was presented at the draw ceremony, as well as the sample ticket of this Sudirman Cup.

As addressed by Mr. Feng Pingshan, Executive Deputy Secretary-general of Chinese Badminton Association, as one of the top world badminton events, Sudirman Cup not only can enrich sport and cultural life style of Nanning citizen, but also become an important bridge for Nanning to enhance international communication and an important window for presenting its civilization and achievements. All friends will feel the hospitality and passion of Nanning citizen for badminton sport.

Draw Result of Sudirman Cup 2019 Grouping

Here are the official groupings:

Group 1

Group A: Japan, Thailand, Russia

Group B: Indonesia, Denmark, England

Group C: Chinese Taipei, Korea, Hong Kong China

Group D: China, India, Malaysia

Group 2

Group A: Netherlands, France, USA, Vietnam

Group B: Germany, Canada, Singapore, Israel

Group 3

Group A: Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal

Group B: Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Lithuania

Group 4

Macau China, Greenland, Kazakhastan

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