Donna Jones’ new show, ‘The Social Media Hitlist’ the new home for social media celebrities and influencers

One of the greatest advantages of social media is that it has transformed the lives and career of thousands of people overnight. There are many people, both in the entertainment industry and common world who owe their successful career to social media. But little do people know, what goes beyond the lives of the most popular social media celebrities, from what we see on their social media profiles. This is why popular TV host and Executive Producer  Donna Jones,  has created her brand new show called “The Social Media Hitlist”, on which she will invite the biggest social media stars and provide the audience an exclusive insight into their personal lives.

The concept of the show is to bring social media to life. It’s a 30-minute talk show where Donna will have a one on one conversation with social media celebrities and influencers. They’ll talk about things like how they actually became social media famous, created their brand, gained millions of followers and how they handle such huge fame, and the trolls who post negative comments and more. The show will be a great cross between bringing all of the favorite social media stars and regular celebrities in one hit show. They are the “new” stars who impact millions of people in terms of beauty, music, lifestyle and personal opinion. The show will not only enable the audience to know more about their favorite social media celebrities but also allow the celebrities to connect with a wider audience on a deeper level. It’s a unique show that highlights the people who became celebrities with the power of social media.

The Social Media Hitlist will feature new “social media celebrities” rise to fame   from snap chat to instagram to facebook  and twitter rolled up in one amazing show the hit or miss list which takes looks straight off the social media runway, trending topics on social media everyone is talking about and social media celebs enter the “the no judgment zone”, top 10 lists of influencers to watch for and much more. All in all, it is a fun new show for all the social media lovers and those who follow their favorite social media celebrities on various platforms. Some of the potential guests on the show are @rudymancuso with over 8 million followers, @songofstyle with 5.2 million followers and @chrisspy with 3.7 million followers among others.


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About Donna Jones:

After majoring in communications at the University of Maryland, Donna Jones has worked on various media-related projects and she was a frequent media contributor to DC’s channel 8 for the nationally syndicated show “Let’s Talk Live” where she discussed celebrity news and local events. She started as a producer at CTV Channel 76, which just two years later led to her position as Executive Producer of a national platform on DCW50, where she went on to create her own show “Spotlight with Donna Jones”. She launched the show to highlight the local talent and invited guests like Chaka Khan, Machine Gun Kelly, Dionne Warwick among others. In 2010, Donna also launched her own media company called AOSTL Media, the acronym for “Alpha Omega Skies The Limit.”

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