UBETCOINS – Decentralized Blockchain Project For The Future

UBETCOINS (UBETS) is a revolutionary decentralized cryptocurrency under Smart Contracts registered in the Blockchain Network geared to fund projects all over the World with a Note, which will convert the Note into UBETCOINS (UBETS).

UBETCOINS (UBETS) is the only decentralized cryptocurrency that is created to fund any project with one hundred percent (100%) crypto, due to the specific technology which converts any Note into UBETCOINS (UBETS).

Due to the financial crisis in 2008, the Governments bailed out the Banks all over the World for their carelessness with the consumers’ money and the consumers lost their assets.

Team at UBETCOINS (UBETS) comes with this revolutionary decentralized cryptocurrency under Smart Contracts which will help the Banks make more money and the consumers to have a place to stay with their family.

Now, the consumers all over the World have a way to retain their assets by using UBETCOINS (UBETS) to settle their account peer to peer with the Banks.

One of our basic needs as human beings is: shelter.
 Buying a car, starting a business, sending the kids to school and pay for a trip.

These are things you may decide not to do, if you don’t want to be in debt.

But, having a home is a necessity, in fact, it is a right that every human being has to have a place to stay.

For that reason, we came up with, UBETCOINS Platform (UBETS), a Peer-to-Peer decentralized cryptocurrency under Smart Contracts, Registered in the Blockchain Network geared to fund any type of project.

UBETS is associated with a couple of Blockchain Decentralized exchanges that will do crypto to crypto and convert any Note that they have into UBETCOINS (UBETS) so we can fund the projects.

What is a project, a project can be a home you want to purchase and/or any debt you want to settle.

Blockchain and smart contracts will save the consumers time and billions of dollars in fees.

With the decentralized Blockchain and Smart Contracts, there will be no mortgage backed securities (MBS) and securitization.

Since securitization and/or collateralization of loans were the cause of the 2008 global financial crisis which created a systemic risk that affected the entire financial system.

UBETCOINS Platform (UBETS) believes with the decentralized Blockchain and Smart Contracts, we can help the consumers to keep their assets and the financial industry to make more money and less overheads.

With the decentralized Blockchain and Smart Contracts technologies, UBETS can fund peer to peer any project one hundred percent (100%) with cryptocurrency.

Due to the increased distance between the original funder and the final mortgage backed securities (MBS), as well of lack of adherence to standardized data exchange medium and perceived low-risk default, incentivized a system where lack of transparency was rampant. As a result, the process of aggregating, issuing and marketing these MBSs came under close scrutiny by government and authorities and is now under strict regulations in many countries, notably in the United States under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.

Blockchain is known as Mutual Distributed Ledgers (MDL).
 A distributed ledger is a shared database where records are stored in multiple locations, in such a way that no organization or entity has control over it, therefore, cannot modify it.

In a conventional system, the databases are handled by a single entity. For example, a bank has a record of the amounts deposited by its account holders, where someone can hack the system and modify the database and would steal a large amount of money.

The reason why the consumers continue to deposit their money in the banks, is that they trust the banks and their systems.

Trust is the stock in trade in the financial system. Due to the complexity of the mortgage origination in smaller countries like Israel, securitization is non existent.

The core service provided by UBETCOINS (UBETS) platform is the facilitation of a Peer to Peer funding by means of a decentralized Blockchain under Smart Contracts. The system will create a more affordable, accessible and efficient funding process. The member will have a total of twenty five percent (25%) of the purchase price of the project in its account in UBETCOINS (UBETS) and/or cryptocurrency, in order to access the funding mechanism and the member will receive a non-recourse funding.

There will be a small co-op fee for five (5) years, which will be calculated by UBETCOINS (UBETS).

The total UBETCOINS(UBETS) to be issued will be: 4,000,000,000. Of this total supply, 800,000,000 (20%) will be held in a reserve fund and 3,200,000,000 (80%) will be in circulation. The face value of each UBETCOINS(UBETS) will be 1 ETH = 176 UBETS.

Apart from the 800,000,000 UBETCOINS (UBETS) held in reserve, the 3,200,000,000 UBETCOINS (UBETS) to be initially in circulation will distributed as follows:

400,000,000 (10%): Founding Team

400,000,000 (10%): Advisors & Bounty

2,400,000,000 (60%): Public Sale

As the UBETCOINS (UBETS) platform grows, an increase in the demand of UBETCOINS (UBETS) is to be expected. This increase will cause token/coin price to rise, other things being equal. Therefore, in order to avoid excessive volatility, UBETCOINS (UBETS) will be able to increase the number of tokens/coins in circulation by drawing UBETCOINS (UBETS) from the reserve fund.

UBETCOINS (UBETS) is being developed by a global Team with extensive experience in Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and project funding. The company is based in the Philippines, due to its innovative and entrepreneurial environment.

The important point here is that the total supply of coins/tokens and their level of liquidity, along with the size of the platform in terms of transaction volume, will directly influence the price of UBETCOINS (UBETS).

The UBETCOINS (UBETS) are minted (not mined), Ethereum-based ERC-20 standard coins.

UBETCOINS (UBETS) is consciously and intently designed to fund projects.

Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies have generated new ways of transferring value and clearing transactions. While different in many ways from Governments-issued currency or the old bank notes from free banking times, some basic monetary theory principles remain applicable insofar as they purport to have transactional functionality.

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