Zhang Kejia’s Culture on the Body Emerges the Beauty of Pu’er Multi-ethnic Culture

“In the colorful scenes, we felt the close connection about fashion between the Lahu people in Yunnan and the world, and were shocked by the most fashionable China’s traditional national cultural symbols hidden in the mountains! The designer, Zhang Kejia will always use his different perspective and the most traditional, as well as the most fashionable colors to find the miracle we expect in the contradiction!”
– The famous screenwriter Mo Xuefeng

On March 26, 2019, a stunning national costume culture show was staged in the Golden Hall of the Beijing Hotel. As the first show of the China International Fashion Week in the Golden Hall in 2019, Zhang Kejia used the creation of “Culture on the Body” Pu’er special, to bring the colorful culture of his hometown to the capital passionately and the scene responded enthusiastically.

Shock opening of the long-standing Lahu rock and roll, from Pu’er, Lancang County, Picture: Li Fangyu

At noon, the site was full of audiences, and Hu Jianrong, the Deputy Mayor of Pu’er Municipal People’s Government and other members brought the blessings of their folks in the hometown. The leaders and artists from all walks of life came to the scene, including Hani nationality singer Yang Qianlin and Naxi nationality singer, Dapo Abo, Dai nationality singer Zhang Zhaoyan, Yi music inheritor A Duo Gulie, Yi nationality singer Zhou Lizhen and other artists from more than 30 ethnic groups in the capital, as well as influential people like Ma Yingying, Lv Tian, Lu Lu, Wei Peng, Ding Daoshi, as well as the famous host, the “national brother” Xu Chuan who has 35 million fans followers and other public figures. In addition, overseas friends from Sweden, Greece, Belarus, Ireland and other countries also come to the fashion show.

Colorful Pu’er national costumes, Picture: Li Fangyu

It is particularly noteworthy that the member of the two sessions this year, who proposed to promoted the protection and dissemination of ethnic cultures with less population,Pumi nationality singer, Rongba Xinna also dressed in costumes and showed up. In the media interview, she spoke highly of Zhang Kejia’s actions of promoting the inheritance and development of multi-national costumes.

Lahu costume stuns the audience

The show is centered on the “World Lahu Cultural Center”, the only Lahu Autonomous County in China, Pu’er, Lancang County, as the origin of creation. It is a feast of visually elaborate costume of the Jingmaishan Residents designed by Zhang Kejia. This show brought together passionate dances, colorful costumes, mysterious totems, and unique costumes of ethnic minorities, accompanied by the faint Pu’er tea fragrance, hidden in the depths of Jingmai Mountain in Pu’er City. At the same time, the national costumes that have been circulated in the millennium are also presented in the original pattern, and integrated these elements into his thoughts on the fashion development of these national costumes, so that people can feel the wisdom of the ancestors from Jingmai Mountain from the depths of the soul. The beauty of the multi-national costumes in Pu’er City.

Zhang Kejia said: “The Lahu nationality is a nation that has entered the socialist society from the primitive society for a thousand years. From the ancient creation epic of their nation, “Mumpamipa”, they dig from the ancient songs they sang. The mysterious cultural symbols give me unlimited creative inspiration. The reason why I chose to use the Lahu people as the theme to show the nation “from the Gourd” is to use the auspicious meaning of “Hulu” to wish all friends a happy life!”

Zhang Kejia accepts press interview in national dress with distinctive ethnic element

At the same time, Zhang also said that “clothing and apparel is the unique carrier of many national cultures. What I want to do is not only the inheritance of several pieces of clothing, but also a historical inheritance and spiritual inheritance. As proposed by the Party Central Committee. ‘National self-confidence, cultural self-confidence’, as a post-80s, when I was inheriting the traditional national culture, I must adapt to the current era with the times, put those who have been passed down for thousands of years into the modern life, let more young people love the excellent culture of their own nation and let the world perceive the beauty of China.”

Leaders, artists, guests photographers and Zhang Kejia posed for pictures

Gao Huibin, the big show planner, said the government department of the Propaganda Department of the Pu’er Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the Pu’er City Art Museum and Jixian County made a lot of contributions in the process of collecting, creating and preparing for the “Culture on the body”. The Jingmai People’s Tea Farmers Professional Cooperatives have provided assistance, fully demonstrating the importance attached by people from all walks of life to the inheritance and development of local excellent national culture, and the “cultural Pu’er” is reputation-deserved.

We will also be particularly grateful to the China Garment Association, eeff.net, Shancha Yunnan Cuisine, Kaijing Zhidi Culture Media, Xiangshi Culture, Xishuangbanna Yunbao Tea Co., Ltd., Zhongying Yichao, Jin·Shaping, Beijing City College, Model line, Jingdong new face, Yang Liping design studio, Gege House, Wuliangshanfang and other brand institutions for the support.

About “Culture on the Body”

“Culture on the Body” is a series of public welfare show designed by Zhang Kejia and the planner, Gao Huibin. The aim is to inherit and develop the outstanding costumes and cultures of the 56 ethnic groups in China through the combination of ethnicity and fashion.

In June 2018, the event premiered and won wide acclaim and support from all walks of life, including Man nationality singer Hu Songhua, Yi nationality dancer Dao Meilan, Bai nationality dancer, Dong Lixin, Pumi nationality singer, Rongba Xinna, Miao nationality singer, Ai You Duo, dozens of artists from various ethnic groups including the Hani nationality singer Yang Qianlin, the Jingpo singer Yue Muguo, the Yi nationality singer, A Duo Gulie, and the Man nationality inheritor Bayin hehe gathered at the scene to cheering for the show and becaming a grand event in the multi-ethnic costume culture of the year.

The Yunnan multi-national clothing and apparel culture has also become a benchmark for many domestic brands and designers to follow and refer to.

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