From New York to Kaifeng, the Rejuvenated Ancient Capital is Known Worldwide!

On March 28th (EST), the “Kaifeng Qingming Cultural Festival” event hosted by Kaifeng Cultural Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, undertook by Ctrip Group, landed on the Nasdaq big screen in Times Square. Kaifeng – which was the world’s largest city, the ancient capital of China’s eight dynasties, once again unveiled on the world stage, with the Chinese traditional Qingming culture and the new look of prosperity and development!

Nasdaq is the landmark of Times Square in downtown New York. It is the world’s most crowded shopping district and known as the “crossroad of the world”. The advertisement of the Kaifeng Qingming Cultural Festival landed on the Nasdaq big screen, which attracted the attention of global audience and domestic and foreign media. It also marked an important step for Kaifeng to build an international tourism destination. At the same time, it is also a formal invitation from Kaifeng to the world’s tourists to witness the transformation of it.

As the ancient capital of the Eight Dynasties, Kaifeng inherited the essence of the development of the Chinese civilization, and the picture of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival clearly highlights the unique historical origins of Kaifeng and Qingming culture. In recent years, Kaifeng has closely followed the theme of Qingming culture, turning many cultural symbols into concrete carriers that can be touched, intimated, experienced and involved. The Qingming Cultural Festival has become a cultural card for Kaifeng and even China. This made a positive impact and promotion of Kaifeng’s new image of urban culture.

2019 China (Kaifeng) Qingming Culture Festival will be held from April 1st to April 10th. There will be eight major theme events around the folklore, the cultural lecture hall, the art stage, the integration of intangible cultural heritage, the celebrity memorial, the business invitation in economic and trade, the global marketing and 64 featured activities, strive to fully display Kaifeng’s rich historical and cultural resources and folklore characteristics, and further enrich the city image of Kaifeng as an international cultural tourism city.

The opening ceremony of the Qingming Culture Festival will be held on April 2nd in Longting Park, Kaifeng City. It will demonstrate the uniqueness of Kaifeng through Songyun Qingming folklore performances, Qingming folk custom, worshipping revolutionary martyrs, and going for a walk in Qingming Festival. After the opening ceremony, the Qingming Cultural Festival Spring Parade will be held. The Spring Festival Parade this year has many activities of role experience and has become a cultural feast for the masses. The flower fleet demonstrated the new achievements and new developments of Kaifeng cultural tourism. The 25 parade teams will enjoy the magnificent scenes of Kaifeng Royal Court Culture, Baogong Culture and Loyalty Culture along the way. Kaifeng Prefecture “New Fire Ceremony” will push the spring parade to a high level.


This year’s Qingming Cultural Festival, Kaifeng will also carry out in-depth cooperation with Ctrip Group, giving full play to the advantages of Ctrip Group’s on online platform, through online and offline combination, all-media linkage, focusing on “Meet Kaifeng”, “Have Hun in Kaifeng” and “Love Kaifeng” three parts, using these eight sub-projects including, “Imperial edict issued by Emperor Song Hui-zong” creative poster preheating, online Kaifeng Qingming Cultural Center, “Meet in Kaifeng in April” campus ambassador recruitment, “Global talents, meet in Kaifeng” Global talents role experience activities, Hunt treasure through Bianjing, “Grand Qingming · Gifts from Kaifeng” trip shoot PK competition for interactive marketing and to promote Kaifeng to domestic and foreign tourists, and to provide a one-stop promotion for “food, clothing, shelter, transportation, travel, and purchase” to domestic and foreign tourists.

The “Kaifeng Qingming Cultural Festival in April” campaign landed on the Nasdaq big screen, further highlighted the huge potential of Kaifeng to create an international tourism destination. And assisting domestic destinations to be exposed in more overseas site is also a new attempt by Ctrip to empower the destination. It is understood that the Ctrip Government Resource Cooperation Department has reached strategic cooperation with more than 300 destinations around the world, providing strong support for local tourism brands to go global. It is believed that in further in-depth cooperation with Kaifeng, it will certainly accelerate the realization of Kaifeng as an international cultural tourist attraction.

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