Protect for Pets, an Innovative Probiotic Powder for Dogs and Cats, Now for Sale Directly to Consumers

Chicago, USA – Hollison, the leading manufacturer of probiotics for the pet food industry, has launched PROTECT For Pets, an innovative probiotic supplement for dogs and cats delivered in a convenient, long-lasting, delicious powder.

Available for the first time directly to consumers, PROTECT For Pets is a shake-on powder consisting of a proprietary blend of scientifically superior strains of live bacteria that allow for a longer shelf life than other pet probiotics. Off the shelf, PROTECT For Pets contains more than 1 billion colony-forming units-the good-for-you bacteria that work to promote a healthy gut-in every serving. Brewer’s yeast, rich in B vitamins and antioxidants, provides an additional nutrient boost as well as a delicious flavor that pets love.

Research has shown that probiotics aid digestion and nutrient absorption, keep bad bacteria at bay and help maintain a healthy gut and immune system.

“Given our expertise and longevity in the probiotics field, we know what works best for your pet. PROTECT For Pets is the highest quality probiotic product you can give your pet-no fillers, fluff or animal byproducts whatsoever. Pet parents will love how easy it is to use, and dogs and cats will love how tasty it is,” says David Humphrey, Hollison’s chief operating officer who developed PROTECT For Pets.

Founded in 2005, Hollison is an industry leader in the development of food safety sampling solutions. The family-owned company, headquartered in Owensboro, Kentucky, is the chief supplier of probiotics and food supplements to the pet food and veterinarian industries.

PROTECT For Pets is for sale at,, and

A 2.12-ounce bottle is $22.90, plus shipping. For more information about PROTECT For Pets and Hollison, visit

About Hollison

Founded in 2005, Hollison is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art sampling systems and equipment designed to ensure greater safety within the food industry. Hollison’s specialization in next-level probiotics has made it the chief supplier of probiotics and food supplements to the pet food and veterinarian industries. In 2018, the company introduced PROTECT For Pets, its first pet probiotic product available directly to consumers. Hollison is a family-owned company headquartered in Owensboro, Kentucky.

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