Shelley Mentor, Master Scheduler’s True Cost of Time

Master Scheduler, Shelley Mentor shares 5 Secrets to evaluate your true cost of time.

“Time is the thing that everyone wants but uses the worst. When you schedule for success, you get the best results. For most people, time seems to decline while activities and to-do lists keep increasing. Have you ever looked at the time and thought, where did the day go?” says Shelley.

Shelley Mentor’s secrets are based on understanding how ones use of time, is a direct reflection of either success or failure when it comes to money, relationships, health & wellness. Whether you are a mom, teenager, CEO, entrepreneur, millennial with a demanding social life or a senior citizen; time has a cost to you. And, you are either getting rich rewards from how you invest your time; or you are flustering around “lost in translation”, feeling frustrated, irritated and often misunderstood.

As a Business Accelerator Coach & Speaker, Shelley Mentor has spoken on global stages to over 5000 entrepreneurs. And has achieved great success with her coaching clients, and featured on multiple TV, Radio, Newspapers & Magazines globally.

One of the people that has influenced Shelley is Dr. Phil whom she met in Los Angeles, California. 

“There are two points that Dr. Phil made at Mega Success, moments after I was on the same stage interviewing Brooke Shields, He said –

• “The number 1 risk and fear people have is losing what they have, trying to get what they want”
• “Make appointments with yourself and keep them”

“The reason why people run out of time is because they don’t have a success plan to stick to,” says Shelley 

5 Secrets to Evaluate Your True Cost of Time From Shelley Mentor

1) Know the Hidden Costs of Beauty

What’s the cost of getting your nails done? Depending on where you are in the world you can pay anything from – $30-$50 in America, £22-£40 pounds)in the UK and R500 in South Africa. But that’s not the only cost.

Consider this:

• Average time to have nails done – 1,5 hours
• Travel time to get there – 30 minutes
• Frequency – every two weeks

For simplicity, let’s say your hourly earnings rate is $1000

So simple equation; if Nails are $50 + 30 minutes travel time +1,5 hours time to have your nails done (idol time). 

It Actually Costs; $50 + $500 + $1500 = $2050 x twice a month = $4100 x 12 times a year…Annual cost of nails = $49,200

Some people don’t even earn that in a year! So what are you doing during that, down time to make sure you are being paid to have your nails done instead of paying?

2) Business Owners, Drive Profit for Time

It is my honest opinion that in business you need to be trading off every moment that passes. And every decision you make, ask yourself, What return Am I truly getting?

As a business owner if you are spending your time on matters that don’t drive profit, you’re wasting your time. One of my coaches once said to me, if you don’t have a PA – You are the PA and that is so true.

In business you need to be investing the biggest part of your day on activities that give you a return. If you’re a startup, which is where many good businesses begin; you need to look at what activities you are doing that could be easily managed by someone else. Perhaps, another person would be far better at it, but if you’re not quite there yet; a good example of effectively using your time to add to productivity would be to do admin tasks at night time when your customers are not available to buy.

3) Parenting & Romance, spend Quality Time, Not Plenty of Time

Many parents get a little fuzzy on this matter and I often hear people saying I wish I had more time to spend with my kids, but we often forget that it’s not the quantity it’s the quality.

Think back to when you and your significant soul person started dating, you went out and shared quality time together. You got into each others zones, you invested in each other and never got distracted. And you never allowed for anything to interrupt your special date night or afternoon, you made the effort.

Many people think that being there means you are investing time, but if you are side tracked or allowing interference from your phone or phone calls and social media, then you are not there. If you listen to my interview on with Brooke Shields, she says, “Be in the moment”.

Try to take 30 minutes and be fully present with your children and family, with no interruptions. It feels like you’ve shared quality time.

4) Don’t Just Get Busy, Schedule Time 

Today we allow ourselves to get so easily distracted, I have a saying, “I never allow someone’s else lack of planning to become my crisis”.

Everyone is leading an incredibly busy life, you need to schedule time for the things that matter most. When I was interviewed by GauTV just the other day I told them about my philosophy, “If it doesn’t fill your heart or fill your pocket, why are you doing it”.

Time out with your loved one fills you heart and your heart won’t be full if you make the effort and saying I will get to it is like saying, “I want to go on a beach holiday” – it wont actually happen unless you book the tickets. So make time to spend with those who are important to you, it fills their cup and yours.

5) Me-Time is Not Selfish, it is Necessary 

If you don’t put yourself first, take care of yourself and make sure that you are ticking all your own boxes, you will eventually become resentful to those around you. Because as time passes you will feel that your needs are just not being met.

Michelle Obama once said, “You need to put yourself higher up on your to do list”. Imagine that? Such powerful words from a world leader and iconic woman. I have never received better advise, imagine if everything you put at the top of your to-do list was for you and about you.

The best coaches invest in coaches for themselves, you wouldn’t want a fitness trainer who was unhealthy. So invest in the right coaches who have worked with coaches to master the plan of increasing productivity because we all get the same 24 hours in a day. 

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