Ceiphers Clothing is Bringing Vibrant African Colors to Mainstream Fashion

Created with a mix of passion and tradition, Ceiphers Clothing has become a synonym for the rich and colorful traditions of African textiles, art and culture, married to the American street fashion. Ceiphers (kay-furs) has launched not only a buzzing online store to sell its exquisite range of men’s and women’s apparel, but also introduced innovative designs and ideas, such as a women’s line with fabulous pockets.

Ceiphers Clothing owes its origins to the founder Ceipher’s grandmother, Salome Olweya, a woman with a great philanthropic heart. The clothing brand has extended and maintained this legacy till date, donating one dollar from every sale to the Nyaburi Primary School in Kenya, and other charitable causes both locally and around the world.

Modern African clothing is a field full of potential, and Ceiphers Clothing is among the leading brands to go mainstream by blending the traditions with modern street wear. The online store features the famous Kitenge fabric, which is used to make classic and contemporary wear, including bow ties, dress shirts, pocket T-shirts and hoodies. Kitenge is a bright cotton fabric, and Ceiphers adds creative visuals taken from African cultures to make the dresses and products stand out from the rest.

Ceiphers Clothing is full of surprises for every buyer. There are attractive crownecks, fuzzy hoodies, classy dresses and a great collection of hats, tops, caps and kids’ bow ties. A unique throwback collection will amaze visitors with baseball Tees, beanies, Africa tribal racerback tank tops and tribal ties, hats and tank tops.

For women who wonder why there aren’t dresses for them featuring colorful and rich pockets, Ceiphers Clothing has introduced a special line of apparel to make them feel confident and independent. The Kitenge apparel are accented with African Mrahaba and Tausi designs on a soft indigo fabric. For men, there is the innovative Teflon shirts, which carry the famous stain and scratch material as a fabric protector.

Founded by Kenyan Ceiphers Olweya and his wife, Rachel, Ceiphers Clothing aims to give a modern twist to African clothing. The online store offers an attractive discount to newsletter subscribers and welcomes buyers and inquiries from all over the world.

For more information, please visit: https://ceiphersclothing.com/ 

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