Story Box Academy Launches Sales Training Program in Singapore

Singapore, SG – Story Box Academy has launched a communication-based program focused on sales training in Singapore. The group is composed of a dedicated team of professionals who assure their students that after training, they will be able to more effectively communicate their ideas to individual clients as well as large groups.

Story Box Academy is pleased to offer its specialized sales training in Singapore. The company works with each of its clients in order to create a customised and comprehensive sales training strategy. After enrolling in the program, trainees can expect to gain a higher professional perception of themselves. By gaining confidence in their self-perception, clients will be able to pitch their own their ideas, strategies, and plans in meetings with ease.

As one of the most business-friendly countries in the world, Singapore is an ideal location for a sales training program. The company has capitalized on sales training and has worked with multiple international businesses including DHL, Cisco, and HSA.

The team at Story Box Academy has over 30 years of combined experience, so clients can trust that their instructors are experts in the art of persuasion. They work with all types of entrepreneurs and companies, including small businesses, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

When it comes to sales training, Story Box Academy assures its clients that their solutions will lead to an increase in productivity and sales. Story Box notes on their website that “85% of professionals who attend programs do not practice what they learn.” This is why they have designed their program to make sure their students practice as they learn, so that they can get into the habit of persuasive communication from the moment they begin class.

Story Box Academy understands that business-people are struggling to gain attention while competing with emails campaigns and social media. That is why Story Box focuses on getting their clients to pitch with a personal approach.

After taking classes for their sales training in Singapore, trainees will learn to create a strong emotional connection with potential clients in order to make sales. This is why the company calls itself a “Story Selling Program.” Story Box teaches clients how to compete against social media by becoming a Story Seller that pitches with confidence and receives high returns on investments.

Creators, entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes eager to boost learn from sales training in Singapore can go to Story Box Academy’s website and set up an appointment for a free consultation. They also encourage contact by phone or email.

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