Mobile Dine Out Offers Restaurants Affordable Online Ordering Service

JMA Web Technologies announces Mobile Dine Out, an app that offers restaurants an affordable online ordering service built for smartphones and tablets.

JMA Web Technologies announces Mobile Dine Out, an app that offers restaurants an affordable online ordering service built for smartphones and tablets. Many providers charge high activation fees and double dip, taking a 10% commission (based on the order total) from the customer and another 10% from the restaurant.

January 21, 2013 / Waltham, MA. – Mobile Dine Out has monthly fees with no commission or sign-up cost. While competitors offer desktop sites, JMA’s software offers a seamless mobile experience because customers use an app instead of a website. With reasonable rates and a better user experience, Mobile Dine Out will change the restaurant industry.

Mobile Dine Out offers restaurants flat monthly fees, which makes the cost of online ordering easy to manage. Administrators can read reports on page views and orders placed through the system. While other providers offer no direct way to update your content, Mobile Dine Out allows restaurant owners to easily update their menus online using their mobile device. These updates instantly appear on all smartphones and tablets, which is ideal for the specials menu. Not only can the owner quickly change their menu, but they can add photos and nutrition facts to their offerings.

Mobile Dine Out offers many benefits for restaurants, but also several for consumers. The software is integrated with Google Maps offering turn by turn directions. Using push notifications, restaurants can notify consumers about upcoming events and special offers. Because Mobile Dine Out holds no credit card information or takes payments directly, it’s the safest way to order food online.

"Mobile Dine Out offers a superior online ordering experience than its competitors, since it uses an app instead of a website. Using a mobile device, ordering food through a website could take several minutes and most sites are built only for desktop computers. Web site content travels to and from another computer, called a server, and those clicks travel hundreds of miles before the computer responds with more content,” says Joseph Anderson, creator of Mobile Dine Out. “Using the latest web technologies, Mobile Dine Out holds restaurant information on the phone and eliminates 75% of communication with the servers.

Mobile Dine Out is compatible with 90% of smartphones and tablets. The user interface, for each OS, is identical on tablets and phones and it expands or contract, based on the size of the mobile device. As phone and tablet manufacturers create different size screens, Mobile Dine Out will be optimized to fit them. “Mobile Dine Out was created to order food from smartphones and tablets, while competitors retrofit their websites to work on mobile phones,” said Joseph Anderson.

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