FINALLY: A Lucky Solution That Solves A Daily Messy Problem

Making It Simpler, Easier, and Fun to Play Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

Coral Springs, FL – Feb 11, 2015Lucky $cratch is the ultimate solution for those who love to play scratch off lottery tickets, but hate the mess the shavings create. Now this incredible holder can fit any lottery scratch off ticket and collect the paint shavings from the tickets with no hassle or mess. The Lucky $cratch is still in its beginning stages. Creator, Cheryl Mancini, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding needed to complete the project and get it available for sale in convenient stores.

Playing the lottery is fun. They are always conveniently placed right before people check out. The cost to buy one is very little and the excitement of scratching the ticket to see what prize won is a thrilling experience. However, the aftermath is always messy. The shavings can get on people’s lap, car, or home. Now with this simple tool people can enjoy playing without worrying about the clean up afterwards. Lucky $cratch is a convenient device that can fit in a purse, deep pockets, or side console of the car.  


The holder also has a quarter size scratcher at the top. If anyone loses that scratcher they can simply replace it with a quarter! People no longer have to search for a coin to scratch with because it will be right with the scratcher device. There is nothing like this in the market to solve this problem. With the Lucky $cratch, people can enjoy place the ticket in the holder, scratch the ticket, and toss the shavings away. It is as simple as that!

The holder comes in six different designs so individuals can pick which holder makes them feel lucky! All funds will go to paying to develop, manufacture, and distribute the product. They plan to get this into convenient stores or wherever scratch lottery tickets are sold.

Campaign goal is to reach $12,000 by March 8. Hurry and make a contribution today! If the goal is not met, it can take years of Lucky $cratch to become available on the market.

Visit the campaign and choose from a variety of amazing perks as a thank you for the support.

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Company Name: L&C Associates, LLC
Contact Person: Cheryl Mancini
Phone: 561-718-7731
State: Florida
Country: United States