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Sustainable Bamboo Sunglasses Aims to Make This World a Better Place

Vancouver, Canada – Feb 11, 2015 – Bambuddha has announced they have already received fifteen backers since the start of their Kickstarter campaign. People are showing support for the company’s positive business model and sustainable sunglasses. Money raised will help fund the first production order to produce their unique and stylish bamboo sunglasses. The minimum goal is to raise $5,000 CAD by March 13th, which looks like they are on track to meet based on the responses from consumers. When the campaign is met, glasses will be made ready for shipment in May of this year. 


                                                                     Be Mindful. Make an Impact. Be the Change!

Their business model is what sets their brand apart from the rest. They do not solely focus on profits, but Bambuddha operates to bring a clean-conscious product. Anytime a customer purchases their eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses, they know they are buying something that will benefit the earth because bamboo is an ideal sustainable option compared to plastic and other synthetically manufactured materials. People no longer have to feel guilty about buying products that are harmful to the earth. Also, at least twenty percent of profits will be given back to two organizations: World Wildlife Fund and Change Heroes. Both non-profits foundations that make the world a better place in nature and in poverty areas. 


Bambuddha sunglasses are the ideal accessory that will complete an eye-catching outfit. It is great for any occasion. The bamboo is a sustainable option that is lightweight and durable. Now people no longer have to worry about breaking their sunglasses when they accidentally sit on them or drop them. Since bamboo has such a unique grain it makes each pair different. The material allows it to float, so individuals can wear it in the water without worrying about losing them. Lenses are polarized with 100% UVA and UVB protection to protect people’s eyes from sun damage, making everything from a casual walk to outdoor sports, a more enjoyable experience. Each pair will also come with a bamboo case and cloth sachet. 

Be part of this change and make a contribution today by visiting Bambuddha’s Kickstarter campaign. To show appreciation for the support, backers can receive exclusive rewards such as free bamboo sunglasses and feature in their summer video. Take advantage of these attractive perks today! If they do not receive enough funding, it can delay the positive impact they will make on the betterment of our world. 

For those who cannot make a contribution, they can still show support by sharing the campaign on social networks. The more awareness the better!!! 

Together we can help bring a something to the world that is not just a brand, but a lifestyle that is bigger than just sunglasses. It is to make earth a more positive place.  

To read more about the campaign and Bambuddha, click here

Be Mindful. Make an Impact. Be the Change!

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