Groundbreaking new web series “Paying Dues” is looking for a kick start

Can a series about life after art school make a dent in the web series market?

Houston, Texas — Producer Rico Edwards is looking to kick start his new project “Paying Dues”. The Houston based web series has garnered a lot of attention from local artists with the hopes of making it to a screen near you. The web series follows five recent college graduates trying to break into the entertainment industry in Houston and is “something that has never been done” according to the producer of the project. People who have art degrees are 5 times less likely to work in their fields. “Paying Dues” showcases the ambition of these graduates but also shows the downright dirty truth about life post art school.

Rico Edwards says, “The realities of going towards your dreams are mistakenly measured in black and white, either you are successful or you’re not”. With the national average for student loan debt at over $25,000, it seems this series may be able to motivate those who aren’t necessarily in a creative field connect with both the struggles and solutions. “Paying Dues” is now on and is looking for a $1,500 support line to help it into production. 

The $1,500 the project is seeing will go entirely to the pilot episode (Cast, Crew, Locations, Makeup, ETC). Any extra money will be put toward the pilot or future episodes (Celebrity cameos). 

This first episode is for the web. We will be sending it to every major blog and news source that supports indie filmmaking. The overall goal is to produce a complete first season depending on the response of the first episode. ” – Rico Edwards.

In exchange for supporting the project, backers will gain access to a set of exclusive rewards including shoutouts on Facebook or Twitter, an on-set picture signed by their favorite cast member, and the ability to ask the cast or director a question in the behind the scenes Q&A.

Your help is needed to bring this story to life!” says Rico Edwards. “I want to create something of substance that is drama filled and funny.”

For more information, check out the project here or contact the creator below. 

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Phone: 708-269-7130
Country: United States