An HIPAA Compliant Answering Service For Doctors Offers Competitive Pricing And Great Value For Money

Besides attractive plans, Rutherford Answering Service is tempting customers with a limited time offer – Free $100 credit with an integrated voice mail system.


Rutherford, New Jersey, USA, 15 January 2013: Rutherford TAS with over 90 full time employees and clients in all 50 states is offering a friendly and professional voice to answer calls at doctors’ offices. The answering service for doctors is available at non-business hours, at times when the staff is not available to answer any calls.

Today medical answering services are not a luxury – rather, they are an absolute requirement to provide complete patient care.

“Many medical emergencies for my patients occur during my non–office times”, says a medical practitioner at New Jersey. “If I am unable to provide help during their time of need, how can I expect to have a reputation of being a high-quality health care provider?” he adds.

Presently the physician has hired an answering service for doctors that provides his patients with the ability to seek help even when the office is closed.

Many health care providers have been apprehensive about hiring telephone services.

“I never seem to have control over the agents answering on my behalf. Besides, callers do not leave voice messages. Most important of all, patient confidentiality is of top concern to me”.

Such opinions are not necessarily of die-hard skeptics but of doctors genuinely concerned about the quality of service they expect.

Times have changed. Skeptics need not bother about many issues that were relevant earlier. Formerly answering services focused just on taking messages.

Now answering services are way ahead in reforms. An answering service for doctors is a virtual receptionist and HIPAA complaint. Apart from 24 hour call handling, the answering company also provides the following services:

Insurance verification

  • EMR data entry
  • Appointment setting and verification

It is important for a health care provider to have customizable reception protocols tailored to their needs – because as the practice grows the call volumes increase and callers will not have patience to hold longer on their phones.

Fortunately, Rutherford TAS with their customizable solutions seems to be well positioned to meet the modern doctors’ needs.

HIPAA compliance is another key issue that must be addressed by all medical practitioners. HIPAA, short for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, lays down guidelines for protecting sensitive patient data.

Sharing of Personal Health Information (PIH) between entities must be ensured by maintaining an acceptable level of privacy of the individual concerned.

As one doctor put it, “My answering service ensures HIPAA hosting. This way I rest assured that my patient information is secured and I spend more time caring for the health of my patients than worrying about the IT infrastructure of my answering service”.

For an answering service to be HIPAA complaint they must be able to transmit PHI via secure encryption, the staff should be trained to understand their role as the covered entity, and the policies of company must be audited for compliance.

With Rutherford TAS doctors are in good hands because the company performs regular audits on all their processes and staff to ensure compliance with HIPAA.

In short, answering service for doctors must offer great service, save money, and be fully customizable. Callers must not feel they are dealing with an impersonal company.

Rutherford TAS is committed to provide the best. They are persuading potential customers through their website to try their services free for 30 days. Besides they are offering for a limited period free $ 100 credit with Integrated voice mail system.


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