PAQ Limited Started innovative Pre-Roll Packaging

If you are a member of that group of archetypal smokers – the ones who hand-roll their own – your choices of packaging for transporting your handiwork have been limited up to now.  The choices may have been somewhat functional, but unimaginative and unexciting.

That has now changed, thanks to the innovative JPAQ.  Packaging should be more than simply functional.  With its patented features, JPAQ is intended to improve the entire experience of the user.  JPAQ was designed for those who hand-roll by two men who hand-roll themselves.  They know what this special class of people want and need.


  • Built-in gasket that ensures the container is airtight
  • An o-ring that seals all openings and blocks outside air to keep your herb of choice fresh
  • Child-resistant seal as certified in accordance with U.S. federal poison prevention standards for packaging
  • Water-resistant
  • King size up to 110mm
  • A compartment for a roach that keeps odor from escaping and maintains freshness – no need to ever dispose of a roach again
  • Recyclable
  • Customizable
  • Strong plastic frame with individual slots that help protect against bumps, bangs, and jolts

The JPAQ is smaller than many cell phones and that fact, coupled with the ability to lock in odor, makes it easy to unobtrusively carry pre-rolls without attracting undue attention.  Take it with you wherever you go!

JPAQ was originally conceived with the idea of being a business-to-business wholesale product, and this idea is indeed the basis for its distinctive design and low price.  The JPAQ can be uniquely customized by businesses to ensure that their brand stands out from all the others. Businesses can use their own design teams or utilize the designers at PAQ to access a wide array of design options.

Although JPAQ originally targeted the wholesale community, it soon became apparent from very positive feedback that this product would be extremely attractive and successful selling directly to consumers.  In line with this, the company is creating more accessories, with the target audience being the ubiquitous average consumer, while continuing to address the needs and desires of its wholesale customers.

PAQ’s Ultimate Goal

The company’s ambition is to become the premier source for packaging rolled herbs, catering to that culture.  All products will be designed with the aim of protecting and extending the freshness of pre-rolled substances.

Who’s Behind this Company?

PAQ Limited is the brainchild of Brett Gelfand and Cody Ziering.  They successfully built a wholesale operation in Colorado that included indoor cultivation, an extract lab, a kitchen for edibles, and a dispensary.  In line with this work, they recognized the need for a product to contain and transport hand-rolled products, as they believed this was an area that had previously been neglected.  With this in mind, the first airtight, child-resistant container for rolled herbs was born, the JPAQ.  Keep your eyes peeled for new accessories in the future as they continue to innovate!

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