Habilia – Innovative Gaming Platform That Allows Users to Make Real Money

Perfect Entertainment For Gaming Aficionados Around the World

St Paul’s Bay, Malta – Feb 12, 2015Habilia has announced that it is nearing the end of the beta stage and is ready to begin marketing the fun-packed game platform. They have already purchased a strong infrastructure, servers, and legal services. Now they have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise capital to release the product and implement an effective marketing campaign so users around the world can learn about this exciting new game platform.

Habilia is revolutionising the gaming industry with a unique concept that allows developers and players to make money as they play. The days of getting rewarded in useless gems that cannot be used anywhere else are over. Players are excited that they can get rewarded for their precious time and skills. Creators of Habilia wanted to bring a different type of entertainment that eliminates playing against a computer. Players battle against each other to see who is more talented and only skills are needed to win. This means the annoyance of individuals winning by chance will become a distant memory. Habilia is going to be launched on a global scale to allow everyone to connect and make friends with other gaming aficionados around the world. People are excited that geographical boundaries are eliminated and people can battle to see who is the most talented player in the world.


Users can check their balance at any time and transfer the money they won to their credit card with just a swipe and a few clicks. Habilia will also pay developers every time their games are played. This creates a win-win situation in the gaming world that has never been done before. The game is compatible on iOS, Android, Amazon devices, Macs and PCs, Smart TVs, and consoles so everyone can enjoy the fun exciting games of Habilia.

Habilia will challenge the minds of the players and help improve cognitive functions through an engaging and interactive games. These are skill-based competitions. To make it even better, people will finally get paid for their talents and training!

Funds from the campaign will go towards marketing campaigns, launching the product, quality content acquisition, and enhancing the user experience. Creators hope to bring the gaming community something fresh and new that they have been itching for to give them a break from the monotonous game plays. The goal is to reach $50,000 by April 7th, 2015. This is an all-or-nothing deal so if Habilia does not receive enough support, then it can take years before the platform can be launched.

Show support today and help bring a this revolutionising game to people all around the world. Backer’s will have their names in the credit sections.

As a thank you for the support, there are exclusive perks that can only be found on their IndieGoGo campaign. The rewards range from customised interface profile, credits and tokens on Habilia that can be used right away, t-shirts, iPhone/iPad covers, one Unalaska bike, and much more. When they campaign is fulfilled, the physical goods will be delivered around mid April of this year.

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Company Name: Winki Ltd
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Email: iacopo.grigolin@habilia.com
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