The Voice of Blockchain: Collaboration, Governance, Development (C. G. D)

Blockchain is bringing about a technological revolution accompanied by the type of chaos and uncertainty that often comes with such a change. The topic of blockchain has aroused heated debate and controversy over the past year or two, especially due to its rapid growth and the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. 

The growth and longevity of the new blockchain ecosystem needs a common narrative that people can understand and echo if it’s to move out of chaos and uncertainty. Collaboration, governance and development are at the heart of this. Blockchain governance, for example, is a complex issue that can cause much confusion. Addressing such issues is necessary for blockchain to reach its full potential. It is already providing a fertile ground for breakthrough technologies and transformative ideas.

Where do we go from here? 

In 2019, it’s important for the blockchain industry to return to its roots and remember the essence of what it is and what it can truly achieve. Returning to its roots must not be seen as regression but as a chance to learn from past mistakes and form a solid foundation for the future. By clarifying some basic laws, blockchain has the potential to create co-operative, community organization on a global scale.

If blockchain could have its own voice, what would it be?

If we explore the foundational laws of blockchain together, we can help to unleash its powerful voice. For this reason, the Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) is launching “The Voice of Blockchain” project together with Nebulas, a next-generation public blockchain.

The project encourages everyone within the blockchain ecosystem to share their opinions about Collaboration, Governance and Development (C.G.D). Members of this passionate community all over the world will have the opportunity to share their original voices (Voice Maker) or help promote the voices of others (Voice Speaker). Token rewards will be received as a thank you for the dedication and contribution. The PCTA has also invited senior, influential professionals (Voice Mentors) who will express their views as honorary members of the “C.G.D” mentor association.

“The Public Chain Technology Alliance C.G.D. Collection” will be created by selecting and compiling 20 of the most powerful voices on the subject of “Collaboration, Governance and Development.” The compilation will be the genesis collection about cooperative community organization within blockchain. It will consist of the deepest and most forward-thinking opinions within the industry. Release of this unique collection of ideas and opinions will occur in association with the following partnering media organizations and institutions:

Ethe Consulting will be the exclusive institution to co-release the C.G.D Collection in North America. It is a leading PR consulting firm that works with blockchain and high-tech companies. With expertise in fields such as strategic consulting, media relations as well as community growth and management, Ethe Consulting has helped many international companies enter North American markets.

The Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) hopes that this “Genesis Collection” will promote a clear understanding of blockchain technology and form a public consensus about the laws of blockchain ultimately.

No matter what community you participate in or how you express yourself, everyone has a part to play in this revolutionary process. It’s time to be heard and to “Raise your voice for blockchain!”

How to participate:

Voice Maker:

If you are a content creator and you would like to express your viewpoint on the topic of “Collaboration, Governance and Development,” PCTA encourages you to participate in this project to share your original voice in various forms: articles, photos, videos, art, and more. You are obviously free to share your own ideas, opinions and conclusions. Once you’re ready to have your voice heard, simply Tweet your creation and be sure to include the tags “#VoiceofBlockchain” and “#PCTA” within your Twitter post.

Voice Speaker

Voice Speakers are the promoters of Voice Makers (content creators). For your assistance in spreading the voices of others, you too will be rewarded tokens. When sharing their voices, be sure to include the source of the original content and include the tags “#VoiceofBlockchain” and “#PCTA” within your Twitter post.


The co-organizers will distribute token rewards to Voice Makers and Voice Speakers respectively, depending upon the number of “likes” and “retweets” on Twitter.

How voices will be selected

In total, 20 voices will be selected from the community. Ten most influential voices will be selected based on the statistics of social media activity, such as Twitter likes and retweets. The additional ten voices will be selected by the PCTA and its partners based on their overall quality and excellence. These “voices” will then be compiled into “The Public Chain Technology Alliance C. G. D Collection.”

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